Monday, May 11, 2009


I'm free from exams/assignments until June! Which is... my favourite word...


Anyways I feel bad for not giving a proper update in ages, I feel as if my life has been jiggled, swiggled, blended and swirled. Habits and routines have changed and it's frustrating how I can't get some things to go back to what it was a month ago. For instance the simple act of NOT falling asleep everyday after breakfast, (which is practically as good as waking up late) It's just something that bothers me, I strongly take pride in waking up at 630 everyday/

Talked to my mum today and she said,

'Eh, so how's the Heenee in Austraila?'

I was like, What?? What heenee?

'Heenee la, H1N1 virus!'

Hahha, apparently for the first few days of all the newspaper articles she thought that the virus was the HINI virus, damn hilarious!!! Trust my mum to be so full of nonsense! haha, she rocks.

Funfact of the day! Do you know English originates from a German dialect? That's why the two languages are actually so similar! (Go Mings for German!)

And do you know we have 8 bones just at our wrist? There were more funny things I've found out during our morning breakfast conversations with people studying various subjects, just that I can't remember them all.

Let's fight HEENEE together!!!!


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