Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Year!

I was sponging off some random’s wireless internet like how I’ve been guiltily been doing over the past couple of days and decided to start visiting random blogs again just to past time. My grandma’s staying for a week, meaning that I’m not to leave the house when she’s at home because it’s just better to have someone with her just in case. Honestly, I almost wanted to shoot myself, the day dragged on like a slow loris on the freaking PIE. I swear, lethargy can hit you like a flu man.. It should be classified as a disease and not a state of mind.

Anyways, blog hopping has been awfully boring ever since I went over to Brisbane because the only blogs I read are the ones of those close to me for the purpose of keeping updated with their lives. And the limited internet quota concept of Brisbane is by far the most ridiculous thing a first world country/continent can still have in place. Come on man! Internet ain’t THAT precious, why are you charging us $1/GB?? (If you actually counted the amount of data you used each day, you’d be surprised). Anyways, back to the blog hopping, I was reading Oily’s girlfriend’s blog, and boy is she brilliant. (Credit to oily for having one of those artsy type girlfriends) Btw, darrell if you’re reading this, sorry but I couldn’t help but share her brilliance! (Wah… now don’t let your head get so big ok)

She wrote this piece of poetry, here’s just a paragraph which I found to be so apt, well thought and perfectly expressed:

Forgive my imprudence, but
Would it be wrong to say that my love for you,
Is like the ebb and flow of the tide?
Sometimes it retreats and other times it overwhelms,
Teeming and frothing,
Volatile yet cold?


It appropriately described the feeling of, well, I wouldn’t use the word love, but more of the ‘generic’ feelings one has for her partner. I wouldn’t know if this were to make sense to a guy, because as a girl I know this definitely sounds like how I feel sometimes. Blame it on our fickle minds, blame it on our bloody pain-in-the-ass hormones fluctuating all the time, but face it guys, girls are like that. I bet the term love-hate was coined by a girl. Isn’t it amazing? Just think of it, how two contradicting feelings can exist in one at the same instant.

I stopped blogging like that for a while now. Lately it’s all just picture updates, random quirks or bimbo entries so that readers don’t get bored of self-indulgent ramble. I know I hate it when I see long wordy posts.

But screw it.

My linguistic capability is screwed up enough already, not getting to write proper non-scientific essays for the rest of my life isn’t helping as well. I’ve gotten so used to writing Psyc essays which have sentences not running for more than 15 words at a time (Including citations). Not to mention that I’ve always been the geeky sciency one in the family, unlike my mum and sister who were fully fledged, non mathematical arts students throughout their lives. Blogging used to be the time I get to reflect and pen it all down because writing is just too slow.

All right then. I’ve decided that I’m going to go back to THINKING and writing again. My brain has been stale for far too long.

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Anonymous said...

I really like that analysis Cui

About the "path we go down" post, some of us were inspired to become better people because we knew you. Or to try anyway. You were/are a blessing.