Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Last night was pretty epic. I woke up to loud huds on the window and thought that the world was ending. You know how you get jolted awake suddenly by noises or someone suddenly and the adrenaline just causes your stomach to churn and your muscles to just tense and function despite your mind still being in a semi-consious state? Well that's exactly how I felt last night when the storm woke the entire household up.

It wasn't just an ordinary storm, it was MASSIVE, and guess what, 


 The winds were amazingly crazy strong, and this picture from my sister's window doesn't give enough credit to the chaos and frightening tension brought by the storm. A piece of hail that fell on my mummy's toe was actually what woke her up as all our windows were wide open (It's pretty hot in Zurich now, and the nights feel very much like our Singapore nights).

So this piece of ice struck her awake and she quickly went around closing windows with my sister. It probably took me 30secs more before I woke up and realised what was going on.
 If you look closely you might notice the pattern of the rain on the road as the rhythmic winds gushed across the sky.
 I tried to take a picture of pieces of hail that fell into the balcony, but it didn't turn out too clear. Hail was actually dropping down the chimney too, but it was too dark and dusty for me to capture a shot. Plus my eyes were half closed and my brain half in dream land still.
 I'm not too sure if that white orb looking thing is hail. It might be since I don't see it on the floor now.

It took me a while to get back to sleep because of all that adrenaline and trauma, and when I did, I had the most frustrating dram (which I thus consider a nightmare because it didn't want to end). Basically I was ferrying 4 people home in my dream (this was in Brisbane of course), and after I drove almost all the way home, 1 girl told me she lived on the other side of the river, which meant I had to backtrack a whole way. The frustrating part came when I just couldn't get to the respective houses of the people to drop them off, meaning I was lost and jsut couldn't find my way. Which, in my opinion, is the most frustrating thing ever! I hate it when I get lost in real life, much more in my dream!

So bascially I woke up frustrated. Because I never got to send them home and they scolded me.

Thank goodness I have Ah Bee to lighten the days that I'm here! Honestly, motherhood is bloody tiring now that I see it up close and 24/7. Piang eh. I always thought I'd want to be a young mum, but now, I begin questioning if I'm ready to sacrifice and give up literally my whole life for someone who's just going to be a pooping, crying little monster who has her moments of cuteness and warmth. Don't get me wrong, it's not that my niece is a monster, but it's just that I never know if my kid will turn out to be one!
 We frequently try and let her self-entertain in her walker in order for everyone to get on with doing their own thing. But when she frets, she frets. I've watched the video of 'Elmo's Song' so many friggin times I think I'm going to have dreams of that soon!
 And Miss Poopy Pants doing a Poop!! She's SOOO adorable when she sits on the potty!
This was taken during one of the 'Elmos-Song-Consolation-Session' when my sister was in the shower and she was pining for her. Elmo seems to be the best substitute so far.

I'm so gonna be Gaby-sick when I leave for Brisbane!!!! =((

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