Friday, November 18, 2011


All right so I've been back from Toowoomba for about a week, but felt terribly unmotivated to blog about anything at all! Apologies for that, I'd been getting too used to not having internet and only using my laptop once in a while since I've been back. 

During my 6 week stint in Toowoomba I discovered the most awesomest thing...


And when I saw instant, I REALLY mean instant. This was during one of the weekends that I returned to Brisbane and paid Sunnybank (our unofficial Chinatown) for some asian-ness. I came across what seemed to be a really dodgy chinese drink whilst I was at the supermarket.

 Why dodgy? If you understand mandarin, the cheesy name of the product doesn't help the fact that Jay Chou is trying to look so cool doing a thumbs up. (It's called you le mei in mandarin, and u love it  in English) Thumbs ups are never cool..

So anyways, the bad packaging and branding caught my eye, plus the fact that it kinda looked like a coffeee cup from merlo. To my surprise, the drink flavour was 'bubble tea', albeit having little/no description of the actual contents (it didn't even have a nutritional table for me to see the ingredients), and everything else being written in traditional chinese (I can't even read simplified mandarin well, let alone the traditional one), I decided to give it a shot and just buy it for $1.70, which is a steal compared to our regular $4.50 bubble tea drinks here in Brisbane.

To my pleasant surprise, this drink was friggin' amazing!So here's the very brief ingredients list on the container:


And the contents of the cup! I'm holding the very adorable scrunched up straw...
 Which extended out to be this full length straw!~ Pardon the crazy look, I was really REALLY excited to have my bubble tea!

The dehydrated pearls that required about 5 minutes of soaking in hot water. (They turned out to be even chewier than some of the commercial bubble teas availaable!)

Don't be deceived by the yucky dehydrated look.. The drink turns out pretty fantastic! I didn't grab a photo of the after cos I finished it pretty fast. The tea is really sweet though, and would probably be able to make 2 portions. But it has a very nice creamy taste to it, well, not really creamy, but it has a certain taste to it.

So, if any of you bubble tea fans are tired of paying $4.50-$6.00 for a cuppa chewy sugar loaded liquid, pop over to Yuen's in Sunnybank and give this budget version a shot! (Especially if you're heading to a regional/rural placement like I did and was craving bubble tea.. haha)


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