Monday, September 17, 2012

Quarter Life Crisis

I have/had been having a serious case of quarter-life-crises lately. Symptoms include:

- sudden urges to listen to music belonging to the wrong generation (e.g. the likes of one direction, steve mastin etc) in an attempt to make myself feel younger and more 'hipster' as opposed to the typically more 'mature' music I listen too (like, from the 1980s)

- the craving to splurge on a new instrument.. The bass guitar (also entertained the possibliity of a ukuelele, cajon drum, mandolin, but decided they might be a bit impractical)

- the urge to then take music more seriously and forget about my thesis and just spend the days belting out tuneless, wordless songs 

- questioning my abilities and the famous 'WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE??'

- and then following up with 'WHAT HAVE I ACTUALLY BEEN DOING??'

- actually saying 'I DON'T WANT TO BE A SPEECHIE ANYMOREEEE!!' on several occasions when I feel overwhelmed and later contemplating just progressing into trade as that offers more job security and renumeration (rubbish collectors apparently earn up to $100k/annum, and what's the whole hype about dishwashers at Sakae Sushi being offered $3000/mth? *scoffs*). So I might as well just apply for those jobs now

- the horrible urge to just splurge (on anything, moving, not moving, edible, wearable, put-on-able)

- the need to have a pet/something living to fill up my life with some life. Unfortunately my aqua pet that resembled the sea monkeys died after a short lived 4 days. And the wheatgrass I currently grow will soon end up in my tummy. Not too good if you eat your pets hey. Kinda defeats the purpose..

- Toying with the idea of being a free-spirited Hippie and taking on their tree hugging lifestyle and dressing all bohemian and getting dreadlocks in my hair.

I better get out of this chaotic state of mind soon. I don't actually have a lot of time to get it together.

It's been a long time since I ranted on this blog (I try not to, as I think online rants can be rather pointless and annoying to readers), but hey, not many readers, or, don't read if it sesms pointless. OR, if you are sharing my sentiments, YAY YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!

(Tell me and we can go start a garage band together and sell satay and teh-tarik to get by).


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