Monday, July 15, 2013

Babies! Babies! Babies!

The two week holiday that consisted of 51 hours flying in the air, transits and stops at 8 airports in 7 different countries left me pretty wiped out when I arrived back on Aussie soil two Sundays ago. Albeit feeling more drained than I was refreshed from the 'holiday', I enjoyed every bit of it on hindsight. 

Work, money, professional development and advancement, I'll have my whole life to do it. 

Seeing your nieces gain each milestone, each smelly poo, each cranky night (ok that I don't really miss), each cuddly moment, that just flies past and doesn't come back once it's gone (or at least until I have my own).

 Now I think I haven't put up many photos of them this year, or ever since Ellie was born. Well, at least not as many as I used to when Gaby first came in the picture! But for those of you who know my sister and have missed out, here are the two little rascals she has now..

Little Miss 'Perpetually-shocked' Ellie
Cheeky dominant older 'nazi' Gaby (only because of the funny intonation she has when she speaks!)

I was telling my sister that it was exactly 2 years ago when I made my second trip up to Zurich to see the then 8/9 month old Gaby. (They're almost exactly 2 years apart). Actually, now that I think of it, I don't think I had been up since then (I cannot believe how poor my memory of events are.. I can't even remember what I did this time last year)!

I told her that the 8-9 month age is still my favourite period in all baby-hood. Where they're moderately independent at sitting up so much so that you can leave them there, but not mobile enough to go running around like headless chickens.


What did I say about that perpetually shocked look. I never imagined my sister would be running around with a double buggy, or 2 prams. I just assumed that children magically walk themselves.

Four years from their wedding and 2 kids later..

...neh neh my sister still looks younger than me lor..


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