Saturday, August 10, 2013

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector (Oil-free) Review

I had heard about the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector from one of our local bloggers early last year (I enjoy the occasional reading of our local bloggers just because it makes me feel connected to home when I feel homesick!). I must admit that I was pretty taken by the BB cream especially since it wasn't that expensive. However, I didn't want to jump in and buy the product immediately as I had always been a dry compact powder kinda person. 

However, sometime last year, I managed to get my hands on a couple of sachet samples from the EKKA and must admit that I totall loved it. The BB cream wasn't gluggy and thick like the asian ones I had tried before despite being able to give pretty decent coverage. It also didn't turn me into a fail geisha, which most of them do especially when I'm a bit browner than those silky Gong-li girls on korean/japanese ads. 

Being a fan of sample advertising (and to encourage Garnier to keep giving out samples to people like me, hurhur) I went to buy a tube of it.
The fatter tube is the original one I bought
I didn't realise that there were actual different versions of this product, and was pretty happy with the original fat tube I got. However, soon after I had bought that tube, I received a rather surprising e-mail from Garnier:

Now the last time I remembered ever winning any competition or lucky draw thing was when I was in primary school and Maccas had some lucky draw with every meal purchased (I won a bag or something). Most times, I'm not that lucky. Although I do tend to pick up money on the floor quite often (haha, my mum always finds it funny that I still find money on the floor even at this age!)

I was such a happy chappy when it came into my mailbox! (Aiyo look at that horrible shiny oily skin!)

Now, I have pretty crappy skin, depending on the time of the day/month/year/life cycle. Thankfully, I don't own a good enough camera to show you all the imperfections. So I found the biggest zit I could on my face and decided to do a cover-up test:

Giant pomple (what my sister calls it when it's big and juicy)
I'm no pro at doing these pretty picture things. I do what's the basic necessity of before/after shots. So don't mind the lack of photogenicity (if that is even a word).
After covering it up with the BB cream! TA DAH
And now my face looks slightly less shinier thank goodness.

There was actually quite a significant difference between the oil-free version and the oiled-up version. Although both gave me pretty much the same coverage, I did prefer the oil-free version as it was, well, less oily. Plus, for it's price (I think Coles/Woolies sometimes sells if for under $10 for sale), I think it's a great basic foundation to use when you're on the go! My housemate then still uses it! (I spied three tubes in her room that day, haha, and I myself still have the two tubes, one of which I always carry around in my handbag for the days I forget and leave the house without makeup).

It's been a life-saver for me, especially when I hadn't had a proper house to live in when I first started work, the Garnier BB cream was something I could blindly smear all over my face without a mirror and without any worry of it being uneven or cakey. It spreads like a moisturiser and feels pretty much like one. I must say that garnier has improved a lot on the range and quality of their products recently! (Either that or now I can actually bother/afford them, hurhur)


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