Sunday, May 17, 2015

Tomorrow... May Never Come

As I curl up on the couch, with the four airline blankets keeping my legs, toes and shoulders warm sipping my cup of coffee and reading, I can’t help but go ‘ahhh’ and smile to myself. (Note: My parents are avid plane blanket collectors, Thanks to them and  Scoot, Singapore Airlines, China Air and Cathay Pacific, my legs and shoulders are warm).

But I know that this worldly comfort will not last. I’m very aware of the ‘extension’ God granted me here in Kingaroy over the past few months, and I sure bloody hope that I’m doing a semi-decent job not wasting this opportunity. Am I to use the time to serve more? Talk to more people? Connect on a deeper level with more people? Folks, it’s not like it’s terminal cancer or anything, but I believe many of us will be familiar with the feeling of knowing that something (good) is coming to an end, and then proceeding to ‘make the best out of your time’. 

E.g. You know your holiday is ending in a few days, and with that realisation, chioooong to go and see/eat/do all the things you should have started doing earlier. 

Or many of my friends who have studied away from Singapore may empathise with this - knowing that you are graduating at the end of the semester/year, and will be leaving Australia for good, you then proceed to book in ‘catch-up’ brunches, lunches, dinners, suppers at every opportunity and waking moment you have with people you were never close to, or would never have bothered to meet up with. 

Perhaps it’s only a mere glimpse or snippet or what it must feel like for someone who is told they have terminal cancer, or for someone on death row. 

You know you have a limited time frame, and therefore the only logical thing to do is to make the most out of it. Right? 

It’s my human nature to push everything to the last minute, and to only do something when I realise time is almost up. Similarly to how I always leave my applications, or work readings, or general ‘should-have-done-earlier’ things to do to the Sunday night just when I realise Monday is coming. I’m not saying everyone is a procrastinator, I’m just saying I am one, regardless of whether I suddenly realise I have 1 hour, or 1 week, or 2 months. 

Just one of my many weaknesses and flaws, that I’ll hopefully get rid of…

Tomorrow, that is. 

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