Thursday, January 22, 2009

My New Year Resolution!

I met Chio and the Manly Man (previously known as Fairy xiangwei) last weekend to offer makeover 'advice' for the Manly Man and unwittingly discovered a new year resolution I'd like to have.

I want to have a year of 'Firsts'.

This was stupidly inspired by a lion dance, the first time I'd ever stood in the crowd and pushed with the aunties to watch an entire lion dance act, Jumping on podiums included. I had never watched a lion dance so upclose before, especially one with the full electronic-moving-podiums works. And there were no irritating da tou wa wa (Big headed dolls) to annoy and scare the wits out of me.

The lion dance was so fascinating, I think I want to go all over Singapore now watching lion dances! (The lion backside so man one WorXxXxxx) Haha. I admire their endurance to keep their backs perpetually bent for 90 degrees as they follow the other dancer around, rising up occasionally only to carry the other guy on their legs, so man lor.

Lion Dancing should be part of the new NS regime! (You never know, it might work as a new type of warfare as well-Distraction)

We went to visit Oily's mum at the hospital, and boy is she a ray of sunshine! Despite all the shit she's plocked right smack in the middle of, she's extremely hospitable (even in the hospital), chatty, funny and sweet. What a doll =)

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