Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I have a new favourite word... Awesome!! (Said with the jockish drawl)

It's raining now, which is sooo awesome because it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when other people out at school are freezing their leg hairs off and having their umbrellas blown in their faces. (I was in that sad predicament about an hour ago when I ended lecture) But now I'm safe, warm and comfy in my room with no sun in my room. Which, once again, is AweSOmme!!

Haha. Excuse my slight madness, no I'm not high on drugs or beer or goon or whatever shit they ingest. Just that this morning was pretty good cos the hostel baked croissants for breakfast! My eyes lit up with delight like a 2 year old getting chocolates because International House(IH) makes fantastic croissants and hadn't done so for ages. I'd been craving for the Fantastic Croissants for weeks now! I told a couple of people sitting with me that I was so happy to have croissants that I felt like I was back home in singapore. Not because they tasted like the ones in Singapore(which suck) but because I was so happy it was as good as me being back home. Can understand?

It was really funny when one of the Austrailian guys we were sitting with said he really had trouble understanding us when we spoke really fast and with no intonation, as we Singaporeans like to do. Even if we do speak with our regular levels of intonation, it still isn't quite like how they intonate. I find it really interesting doing Speech in Australia because speech/language problems don't just arise from being hit in the head too hard or have short tongues etc but also from learning English as a second language. Cultural background is quite a major issue when it comes to Speech. (I see a potential honours thesis coming from here. )

Anyways, here're a couple of pictures since I decided to do a mid-week update because of the AwEsomme weather. :D

The multi-coloured tangyuan we made last week! I think they would've tasted much better without colouring. But they did look really cute though. My Aussie floormate who ate some said, and I quote, 'It's like nothing I've ever eaten before! It was just.. weird! But nice.' Another guy called it fluffy in his mouth. I reckon it didn't go down too well with him. haha.

And this is how it looks like when it's raining, I just took this picture from my table like 4 minutes ago. As you can see everyone draws their curtains except me.
Awesomme... doood.. ahhyuk ahyuk!

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