Sunday, March 29, 2009

Guess who I met?

No, I didn't meet Hugh Jackman, that hunky chunky Austrailian (sadly). But I did meet someone from our shss days, something I never thought would happen. I met Ms Sharon Teo! Remember that super nice and hype relief PE teacher we had? Aka Aaron Teo's sister. Aiping she remembers you! haha. I was describing which batch I was from and I told her, the one with Aiping. Immediately she went, 'oh ya, Aiping and gang, all the netballers one' Haha. At least she didn't say, ' Oh ya, Aiping the gila one.' heh heh!

It was so nice to see her and talking to her was the easiest thing ever, it was as if I was talking to someone I knew for ages. Honestly sometimes I can get pretty worn down and frustrated here, because all my close friends are so far away and as easy as it is to call/sms/msn, there're still it's limitations. It doesn't help that most of you guys sleep late and I sleep really early, so it just widens our time zone difference by another 2 hours, haha. I appreciate having people here I know, and knowing more people as well, but sometimes everyday seems like a social event. Yesterday I was telling Siyi that I didn't feel like socialising by going out for dinner with a group of people we knew, and that I would rather either go back home or go out with Aaron and his Ipswich gang. This may seem contradictory - isn't that still considered socialising? But the difference I guess was the fact that I've know Aaron for relatively long, and hanging out with him doesn't constitute 'socialising', because you don't socialise with friends, you socialise to make friends. Well that's how I felt but shhh don't tell anyone. Haha.

Sometimes weekends are such a pain in the ass because the day is long and you're obliged to stay in and do work and not get distracted, which of course I do a lot. I ended up watch Wild Child instead of reading up on Language Disorders in Children. Gah. Watching movies are so unhealthy. Anyways allow me to take movie orders. It takes me like 2 minutes to download one movie. Feel free to throw suggestions and requests at me. =)

Anyways it's 8am and I need to go collect my laundry.

Miss you guys as always!! ( Nat I just realised that Easter break week is gonna be REALLY quite bad for Aaron and I cos of assignments, there're days that I might just force you to sit down and read so that I study, haha. So bring entertainment in case ok! Or we can buy craft stuff and you can do it in my room.) Love ya!

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