Sunday, March 01, 2009

Weekly update!

We had the most horrific, terrible, massively messy ragging last night. When the Aussies say 'Get messy', I've learnt that they REALLY mean messy. I thought we'd just be getting probably flour, water, eggs, mud at the most right?


Basically we had to go around in groups last night for station games, which, according to hostel 'tradition' and seniors, is supposed to be one hellova fun night, the funnest and dirtiest ever. The seniors were DAMN Smart to avoid the games and hover around watching us get messy man. There was one station where you had to cover as much body area as possible of a person with food colouring mixed with sunscreen lotion. Let's just say I looked like the Hulk's twin sister last night. My toes and fingernails are still freakin green la! And I think my pores are all so clogged with food colouring that I'll be bursting green pimples a few days from now.

At one stage we were floured, egged, watered, soapified, and some had beer, gunkified. And there was this HORRIBLE HORRIBLE green gunk we had to eat, I gulped down a cup (more like chewed and swallowed) only to learn later that it had spit in it too. FREAK. There was pasta, every single type of sauce in the kitchen, nuts, pieces of fruit, a whole lot more other crap which I can't think off, and it was green. The thing now is, the whole hostel smells of pasta puke, and it doesn't look like it's gonna be raining any time soon!

I miss reading the newspapers and watching TV! And $1.20 bubble tea! It costs at least $3.50 a cup here, and it's not even guaranteed to be nice!! wth!!

School's starting! omgomgomgomgomg. And it's STILL bloody hot. I'm steaming in my room, thank goodness I don't get any direct sun.

A bad panoramic picture of the view from Mount Cootha, kind of like our Mount Faber but way way colder.

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