Sunday, February 22, 2009


It's a Sunday night down under and, as I promised, I'll update the blog. I realised today that keeping in touch and updating people is much much harder than I thought, cos sometimes you end up repeating yourself a minimum of 3 times(depending on how many good friends you have) and yet you feel bad if you do not reply individual emails because these people have put aside time for you. Plus as I've told many people, I have a sickening 400MB internet data quota, which in layman's terms is suckyly little and ngiao. I've decided to Skype people a maximum of once a week, and if I can afford it then more =) And I shall update the blog every weekend (cos that's the only time I reckon I'd have)

Pictures!!! The storage space in hostel is SUPERB (better than IKEA) and I so neat. I realised I need FBTs, I only brought 2 pairs sleeping shorts, 2 pairs of sleeping long pants. but now, since it's pretty hot, I GOT NOT ENOUGH SHORTS! Wah piang.

The first photo I took when I was there. I'm very slow with taking pictures and updating. My camera has taken less than 20 photos in the past 7 days in Brisbane. so sad.

See the picture I put up in the previous post? That's a picture of my desk before the printer came in. I just got a superb laser printer for $95, and they gave me half price of the toner! So I got it for $54!! SO cheap!! Can make the fella in Sydney juealous, muhaha) I'm having so much fun printing from my cute monster printer.

And my 2 most precious things!! Guitar+bolster=Bliss
(Yes that lump there is my baby bolster)
And what's my photo update without one of some -8 legged creature! Spider!!

And the hostel comm sneakily put up my namecard when I wasn't looking. Yes, ang mohs now officially know me as Diane. Long story behind the name. But the important/funny thing here is what's BeLow my name. It's damn funny. My mum's super paranoid, she's constantly reminding me to cover up that sticker with something as soon as I can!

Love you guys!! :D And I'm perfectly straight. =)

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