Monday, February 02, 2009

Wah piang wey!!!

Looking at the magical pop-out-of-hat bunny helps me forget the fact that I just stupidly screwed the camera SD card upside down and have just lost the photos taken during the class bbq/dinner/whatever. (I'll post that video another time)

and I had the only copy of the group photo!

and it sucks that I feel like a complete bimbo complaining about digital shots lost to the world of technology, because, they are after all, just photos. But I was looking forward to FINALLY uploading pictures for people onto Facebook, especially when I'm probably not gonna see these people till June of the end of the year, I feel sooo bad because...

I've failed as a Facebook user. =(

Can't even upload pictures properly.shit man. I should get a geeky computer programmer boyfriend and a proper computer education.

13 days to departure! Holy crap!!!

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