Sunday, March 08, 2009

The end of Week One! (Only!?)

It's the end of the first week of Uni, however it seems WAY longer than that considering pre-O week and O week. I've been here almost 3 weeks! And it still pretty much just feels like JC, only thing is that this time JC is further. But apart from that I've been calling my mum and she's been calling me pretty often, So I don't feel that disconnected after all. Few things I thoroughly miss:

Cheesy Channel 8 Dramas with the horrible acting and cliche storylines
Being able to use the internet without worrying about bloody quotas
Being able to use my mobile without worrying about the credit left inside (I loathe prepaid)
Being able to nuah on a my sofa/bed not worrying whether it's dirty
Calling my friends and seeing them whenever and wherever, not in a place that's miles away
Flat ground. Stupid gah-ments seem to enjoy building tertiary institutions on hills. Look at NUS and UQ, I bet they pakat and decide that it's cheaper not to level out the land.
Drinks which don't cost as much as a meal in Singapore. Miniumum pricing here seems to be $3 for drinks and chocolates

Anyways, pictures! I have yet to take pictures of the campus. I keep forgetting to bring out the camera when I go out! Hence, today's pictures are mainly about.... my room and other miscellaneous things. heh heh...

As many of you know Australia's an extremely environmental and strongly encourage different sorts of sustainabilty programmes, and boy does this rub off. Instead of buying a pencil holder for $2....

Proudly constructed from a biscuit box and miserably decorated.
And since I forgot to bring a mousepad and it seems extremely ludicrous to actually purchase one, I made one in the effort to not spoil the very handy wireless mouse my sister gave me. I even talk to it when I'm lonely

Siyi and I were looking throught the classifieds yesterday as we were almost bored to tears on a weekend. I must say that the newspapers are the most hilarious and economical entertainment ever. I shall buy the newspapers every weekend, look at the stuff they sell/give away!!
I'm trying to convince Siyi to keep a pet chicken.
While she was looking and itching to buy a piano, look at the antiques we came across. (SHe may actually buy one of those if she gets desperate)

And it's not onl us Singaporeans who make silly spelling errors. Haha. (then again maybe it's a chink trying to sell the Larva Lamp)

And that's about it people!! I've already finshed using my 500MB quota, and it's only 8 March. Wth. I had fun matching stupidly printed clothes that I have one boring night in preperation of a costume. It was some superheros party, I was tempted to wear this and call myself the fashion police. HAHA
Love you guys!

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