Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Thousand apologies~ *Shakes head* no photos this time. I am still yet to take nice photos of the campus. I'm so sorry. I is suck.

BUt I've done so much fun stuff this week!!

For one, I went for Fencing class! It was achy and a demonstration of my horrible hand-eye coordination, plus I had a grossly small mask so my chin was shoved up my nose, but other than that, it was fun fulfilling my childhood dream of holding a not-very-sharp-and-pointy object at a guy in white and attempting to look cool and swa. (Failed miserably though, but at least in my head I felt like I was cool)

Second amazing thing was I went for Salsa class which was, quote my sister,

'better than Nachos'

geddit? Now you know where my sense of humour comes from ya? Haha. All right people when I get back I'm gonna go salsa clubbing!! Although all I know how to do now is step backward and forward and twirl in rhythm. I strongly encourage couples to take up Salsa, or individuals for that matter (though our Singaporean guys may not be as spontatneos and good at being partners) I realised that you can really tell a good partner especially in a dance like Salsa, according to the teachers, they call it a male ego-tistical-domineering dance. Basically the girls don't do much initiating and just follow the lead of the male like any other social dance. The guy who stays below me was an awesome Salser (my own rubbish term) Aiping Jerome! Please go learn salsa leh, you'll love it!

Thirdly I got lifted today during cheerleading! NO I haven't joined cheerleading, but we had a half day Health Sciences combined thingi organised for all the students in Health Science/Medicine etc so that we can network and get to know more people in the service. Quite a good attempt by the Uni I must say. It definitely did introduce me to more people. Well anyways, the thing was they made us do teamworky stuff like learn cheerleading moves and coming up with raps/rhymes. It so happened that I was in a group of 4 with 3 other relatively bigger angmohs, so naturally, even though I'm larger than all the puny stick thin girls in Singapore and all of Asia, I Was actually the one to be lifted and carried!

My goodness I felt like David Copperfield levitating at the edge of the Titanic man. Freaking cool, (Now I'm beginning to love this place because of the relativity) However I do wish the small tiny asians will stop spoiling market and making me look huge. HAha.

I very unclear picture of a spot on the campus where I was sitting down and nuahing at one day with Siyi and Lor friends. Ok promise promise this sunday I take nice nice photo

And my floormate/neighbour all dressed up as a Leprochon for St Patrick's Day one evening. It's another excuse to drink booze la.

Haha. Miss bubble tea!!!!

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