Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Sunday's just get lazier and lazier by the week, somehow it always seems to be scorching on Sunday afternoons, thus naturally inducing everyone to sleep after lunch. Today Aaron (the one who has the mnost trouble staying awake in church) and I concluded that we've officially swapped positions - and I'm the one with the sleep issues now.

All right I promised Feifei pictures of UQ! Honestly, they're quite disappointing because I just walked as far as the Law building before getting to lazy and going back for dinner at 530. Yes dinner is at 530 everyday because the staff want to go home. So behold! The pictures!

I would consider this the front of the school, though it's essentially the back of the building, (at least to me) But generally the layout and architechture of the school is centralised around this building (Which happens to be the LOR[law] Building) This is also known as building 1 of the 70+ buildings in UQ, which means it was the first to be built. The sandstone walls are gorgeous aren't they?

And surprise surprise, a corridoor!

And this is the back/front of the Lor Building, aka Forgan Smith.

Apart from a whole bunch of libraries which UQ boasts about CONSTANTLY, we also have a bunch of museums (which nat shall explore with me when she comes) And outside the Art Museum lies this artpiece known as: Happy Ending.

Haha, cute right? Makes my day whenever I pass it.

I must say that despite the heat, Brisbane has the lovliest skies in the evening and mornings. This is Twilight (Edward!) haha. My hostel lies beyond beyond that building, which I have no idea is what anyways.
Cute picture time! Siyi and I attempted to make muffins with limited measuring devices and appliances. They turned out looking/tasting like huat kueh due to my bad agaration and Siyi's decision to buy brown sugar instead of white. This one accidentally turned out a baby. It's an 'accident', geddi? geddit? hurhur.....

Since we're on the topic of faces, I rammed my leg into the bus chair that day and ended up with this horrible scratch :( Pouts. Even the wound is pouting la!
Haha, have a good week everyone. The days pass so darn fast. I'm starting my clinic observations this Wednesday at the hospital! :D Speech students go for clinical placements the earliest, damn cool la.

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