Wednesday, June 03, 2009

It's Winter!

One more day of school before it's all over! Well, that is except for the exams. It's officially winter and my tedency to hibernate has kicked in, not very good when there's work to be done. I can't believe that I'm actually using the term 'winter', a word we poor perpetually hot and sweaty Singaporeans rarely hear. Winter!! Acually the sun's still shining in my face, just that it isn't a very good idea to walk around with a sweater on.

We have fireplaces!!! I set a fire that day, but a very puny one though. Here's a picture of something called Damper being cooked. Basically it's a sort of scone which you can simply cook by chucking it into the fire. They add beer to the dough sometimes, which is what we did on Tuesday. It tastes AWESOME when it's warm (but a little funny due to the beer)

We should do this back home!
And look! I started a trend! I stuck this up on my door to hide the gay/bisexual/transgender sticker. It recently caught on with my floormates and now we all have stupid pictures up!

C 4.1 My roomC 4.2 Michael's
C 4.3 Kayla's
C 4.4 Mel's
(It says: Death by Cake)
Haha.... I love our floor.

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