Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mid study-break break

I can't wait for December!! This is officially (hopefully) my sister's aisle song, although I doubt she'll have to cover the amount of distance to last a 4 minute song. Unless she decides to have a couple of slow lorises preceding her and a 2 year old flower girl who decides to inspect every flower petal before throwing it to the ground.

If not her walk down the aisle should take less than a minute.

Oh my gosh I just can't wait for it all to be pieced together when the big day comes! And don't you think the song is just so perfect for weddings? Listen to what Lea Salonga says about the song, just splendid =)

It's such a teary song though, damn sweet la! :D:D

Oh boy! SO Exciting!!! :D

Perhaps I should abandon my course and become a full fledged Wedding planner. HAHA

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