Saturday, July 25, 2009


Finally writing once again once all the madness has settled. I'm back in cold, nose-freezing Brisbane in my bigger-than-a-HDB-room hostel room using my cocky internet. Neh biang the youtube and blogger pages are screwed up once again now that I've returned, I reckon it's to do with a setting of the broadband internet here.

I cannot put picture!

=( Neh mind

I had an interesting flight back, and learnt several things.
1) the best seat on the plane is with the pregnant ladies/mothers because you enjoy great leg room.

2) It's even better when they have kids because they tend to be extra nice to anyone who sits next to them because they feel apologetic whenever their child cries/moves/screams/farts.

3) If a baby's crying because the ear pressure's hurting him, try making him swallow by dropping water into his mouth or, I kid you not, hold the baby upside down. (They say one)

4) SQ don't allow you to carry guitars onboard apparently.

I found the entire setting of my flight to be rather interseting and ironic in some sense. There I was, sitting between 2 Australian mothers who were returning back to Brisbane for a break from their expatriate lifestyles in Singapore. And I, a foreigner returning to their home which I call home while they leave their husbands and homes and go home. Farnie right? har har. I know not farnie la. It was nice talking to them and hearing their views about our country, especially from an expat's point of view. Most times we just label them as such, the ang mohs who live in Orchard. (Actually, they really do) and who shop in Tanglin and eat at Dempsey (which these 2 ladies also happened to do quite frequently) I wonder how many expatriates actually visit our Heartland areas? Besides Clementi, I've never seen an ang moh set foot on any other housing board area.

Life as an expat, how interesting. Free yet stifling.

I didn't eat Old Chang Kee chicken wings! wah lao!

And I'm sorry I only got to meet a few people, this holiday was truly... packed. Cannot believe the amount of days I spent out roaming the city, catching movies, catching up, catching buses and trains, it always seems to be a chase back in Singapore eh?

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