Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I've discovered the wonders of Mozilla Firefox! IT makes my day because... I can now upload pictures once again! I'm just gonna spam pictures right now man. My back feels like a brick wall jsut smashed into it, which is essentially what I did yesterday when I fell splat on my back while accidentally doing a handstand. (I'd intended to do a half one, but the inertia of my heavy legs pulled my right up. oh crap.)

So.. pictures from random spaces and places. Sorry I didn't get to meet up a tonne of people during the July break, (sorry Jerome! I promise I'm gonna try out your guitar at the end of the year!) :D
Movieworld trip we made 2 days before my final exam last semester, I uploaded the wrong photo, it was suppoesd to be the one where we were 'sleeping' The person photographing this is the hugest irony in the world, he used to be from commandos and parachuted practically every week, yet he was scared out of his wits to go on the Batwing, (which is kinda like a reverse bungee only way less scarier)This shot is from the day the Malaysians put half of IH in the toilet bowl shitting and puking nasi lemak. This french guy was manning the French stall (naturally) and he was really sporting to allow me to draw a moustache on for him with the calligraphy paint, hahaha!
Strawberry season's in! Guess how much this whole bag costs? (It's about 1kg, I swear) Freakin' $5 la. Amazing eh? Too bad I don't like 'store-bellies'
We went for the EKKA, which essentially is a HUGE exhibition of practically everything, and I mean EVERYTHING (from farm animals to made-in-china-goods) held every year for a week. Wah lao the aussies even have a whole public holiday just for it la, so spoilt. Haha.. Anyways, check out the huge ass bananas man, you can see the weight at the side, its 37kg.
And you think that's big? Check this pumpkin out, it's 155kg~ Ooo Punpkin Patch babies!!
Furballs!!!! Hehheh...I know they kinda look like aliens, but they're just chicks huddling under the table lamp cos they wer freezing. Dammn cute la!!squishable... STOP THINKING ABOUT NUGGETS YOU HORRIBLE PEOPLE!
Baby coow!!! (hamburgerrrrr)

Ee why the font liddat one. This fella was damn cute la, he was like a 2 year old randomly coming up to people and unafraid of strangers. and his fur was SOOO soft!! (like a baby's bottom, heh heh)

Wah haven't blog so long.. Damn shiok la. (See, I'll never lose my Singaporean accent, not in a million years)

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Hink said...

Wah.. sounds like you're having fun. Resident tourist in Brisbane.