Thursday, October 08, 2009


I've found my motivation and drive to complete my course! I hadn't realised that I had even lost it until rediscovering it on Wednesday during my tutorial with a relief tutor. This semester hasn't been the greatest academics wise (well, I've only had 2 semesteres up date so I guess I can't really do much of a comparison can I). And I was on the brink of giving up and not giving a damn about studying so hard. However Dr Libby, the tutor who took over on Wednesday reminded me once again what I was doing in this course.

I love how most of the speech path tutors here interject their seminars and lectures with little anecdotes about their clinical experience and how they've spent years and years dealing with children/adults/funny peeper. It's a very subtle yet pretty much stark reminder of what life as a speech path is really going to be like. The proffessionalism that's required of you, the mannerisms and responsibility entrusted unto you. It's not just about mugging and getting information, it's a hell lot of people skills and human interaction. THAT's why I chose this course, because I'll get to interact and 'man-handle' clients. haha, ok wrong term la..

Yay... It's nice to have drive. hopefully this zeal and passion will last over the past 6.5 weeks, and then it's home! Wah lao my mudder dun care me already, she's sooo busy with work that she never calls me anymore unless I call her to call me back, then it's a quick 5 minute conversation at most where she tells me a client is here before I can even finish my verbal diarrhoea. They sold the old house already never even tell me la, wah laoooo.. Later I go back got new cat in the house also dunno ah

Had such a hilarious weekend with paul around last week, haha, I drove so much that I think I covered the equivalent distance of going across Singapore 6 times in just over 4 days. The airport itself is abuot 50km away, Gold Coast is 65km away, and the car kept overheating. It was damn stressful though when smoke started coming out of the car, but freaking hilarious now that I think about it. haha...

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