Monday, February 22, 2010

New House, New Life... Perhaps.

I'm finally calm and rested enough to finally sit down on a proper chair, in front of a proper desk with a lamp and someone else's internet (As usual), and type this all out. As I finish this sentence, the internet which I'm piggybacking on wavers and disconnects like, 200 times. Oo, did I mention that there's a monster of a grasshopper sitting next to me? He's about TTTTHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS long. Heh.

I swear or house can be the new Insect Safari of Carmody Road. We've had 3 grasshoppers, 2 cockroaches including a baby one in our grilled chicken today, about 2938 moths, 82927 mosquitoes and random flying things, and probably 6-7 resident lizards. Not to mention the whole family of spiders I swept away this morning who built their empire behind our shoe rack in a short 2 days. I swear, it's like the bugs just nest and build homes on anything that doesn't move for more than 24 hours!

As horrid, scary, creepy, eeky or what ever it sounds, it's still an awesome home. I guess after spending the last 21 years of my life living in various high rise places far from soil/ground is finally coming back to hit me now. Isn't it amazing how different 2 countries can be? I went for this survey job last Saturday whereby we knocked on the doors of houses in a low SES community. In my mind, I was initially thinking, 'what d'ya mean poor?? These people live on LANDED property and have CARS'

Then again the poor in India live in landed properties in slums and have bicycles too.

I'll be honest and say that these few days have been rather traumatic. My bed feels funny, the room is not like the breezy, massive IH one and everything I have is either stuffed in a random box somewhere or hidden among lumps of stuff. And I sorely need my private chillout space to just nuah, or play the guitar, or pluck my eyebrows, or stare at my own reflection and reflect (haha pun intended). None. I'm just living by the moment from day to day.

But then again it isn't that bad, my housemate's pretty cool and capable at doing plenty of stuff. Much to my delight.

I want my mummy... =( All you who read this,




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Hink said...

At least you've got your boo-boo there?