Monday, March 08, 2010


This semester's courses begin getting more and more relevant and interesting. There's one about voice disorders, child speech and language disorders, boring physiology and one about child development. You know how people always talk about milestones in relation to children? For example, when they first smile (5-6 weeks), sit up on their own (5-6 months), crawl (9-12 months) walk (12 months) and all that stuff which makes everyone go ''Oooo!!! Clever boy!! Know how to pang sai already!!''

Yeah, those milestones.

I feel as if we all have milestones of our own, set by parents, ourselves, and society especially. When we enter university, when we learn how to drive, when we learn to cook for ourselves, do our own laundry, stop sleeping in the same bed as mummy, or stop having that smelly old bolster. Basically, when we suck it in and grow up. Sometimes I wonder when I'll grow up. People might say I'm independant or mature or able to handle myself and things in general, (yes I'm bragging, but wait, there's more to come!) but put me in a place where I feel safe and comfortable and I become a total baby. For instance, put me in my room and I cling on to my bolster( affectionately called booboo) for dear life and sniff up all the dust mites embedded in the 17 year old cotton. Or let me go back to Singapore and I'm STILL share a room and bed with my mum even though there's another room. I'm not embarressed to say I still sleep in the same room as my mum, cos I know if I don't, she'll whine and scream and shout like a kid. (For those of you who know my mum, you know how much she acts cute la). But I feel it's the least I can do for her because that's one of the few things she asks of me; to not leave her alone at night when I'm back in Singapore. It's amazing how I still feel a child even though I'm going to be 21 this year.

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