Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Interesting things in Good ole' Brissie

I realised I hadn't actually done a proper update regarding my new house etc in Brisbane and felt that it's high time I do it, regardless of whether people actually see it or not. It's awhole new feel this year, a whole new ball game at school too. Everyone's all warmed up and it kind of gives the same vibes as being in J2 again. I suppose it's because my course is so small and we actually see each other pretty much all the time (Our guy count has gone down to 2, aww) I just noticed how different the whole vibe and feel of the course is just because there aren't many guys in the course. Guy deprived.

ANYWAYS, yes back to the main point of this post. ( I jsut woke up and my fingers aren't very coordinated. They're typing clumsily) Pictures!!!!

This is what happens to you when you enter the household of Audrey/Siyi/Cui.. your IQ undoubtedly drops by 200 points and you hit rock bottom (if there actually is one) of the negative IQ scale and end up doing retarded things like this. The guy on the extreme right has already done plenty of regretable stupid things in our house, like paint his nails pink, get guy-liner drawn and get hooked on Glee. The rest of us are just normally retarded anyways (hurhur... oxymoron worrrr)

This is Condo my pet Praying Mantis which I kept for about a week! I let him go and he came back a couple of days later! I felt so touched and attached to him, he helped me eat like 5 moths in total. Don't ask me how he got his name, it's a long story. But from now, praying mantises (?) are my official favourite insect =)
I baked egg tarts during Easter break! Ok they were flat and kinda failed in my opinion, but I'm gonna work on them till I successfully make awesome tarts. Until then everyone's gonna have to eat my horrible flat tarts. Actually you know what, I won't call them egg tarts, I'm gonna call them flat tarts.
And my awesome scooter!! I HAVE A SCOOTER. I ACTUALLY OWN MY OWN VEHICLE! Man topping up petrol for the first time was so embarressing cos I didn't actually know what to do. How bimbo is that, hur..
Picture from a while back, this is the colour of the hair dye they used on me in china. It came up Red after that.

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