Thursday, April 01, 2010

The path we go down

Isn't it amazing when you take a step back and look at all your friends that you have acquired over the years, how each one that you are considerably close to would probably be able to bring up significant reminders of a time that once was? For instance that one friend from your primary school whom you actually keep in contact with. Or the close clique you had in secondary school. They remind you of who you once were, regardless of whether you have changed (you probably have) over the years. I know this is a little random, but I was just thinking about it today when I read Roger's retarded April Fool's blogpost (haha, nice one Roger, but predictable of a man of your amazing bullshit ability level, haha)

Havingn old friends is an amazing thing, but I find that they might hold you back as well. Not in the literal 'don't do this' sense, but subtle things like viewpoints, mannerisms, outlooks and what not. Especially with girls, since we are (mostly) social creatures who can't seem to shut up when we're around our kind. (heh) But the dangerous thing to me is ending up talking and revolving about the same thing over and over and losing perspective about larger things.

A Psyc lecture I had about aging brought something really interesting to my attention, something regarding older people and friends. To many of us young ones, we look at the old granny and say 'aiyo, so poor thing, she no friends'. The logical thing is to presume that it's because either all her friends are dead, or she's a little mentally unstable at that age and hence cannot keep friends. Contrary to popular belief, the opposite might actually be true. The fact is, this old granny is CHOOSing her friends and cutting them off as she ages, to optimise and maintain a high 'standard' of friends. In all honestly, I never thought of it that way until that lecture. However I already begin to see myself displaying behaviours as such, which, at the yound tender age of 20+ may not actually be all that healthy.

My point? I have no idea. Precisely why this site is called blabber, whether or not it's ACTUALLY interesting is another matter. Heh..

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