Tuesday, June 15, 2010


My first paper is finally over and I'm behaving as if my entire exam block is finished, which is HORRIBLE BEHAVIOUR! I spent the morning washing my massive laundry load and flooding the floor because I stupidly didn't remove my excess clothes from the draining sink. Oops. Which reminds me, just in case you feel lousy/stupid/useless or brainless today, here's a list of stupid bimbotic things my housemates have done. It just proves one thing, people aren't perfect, even (to be) professionals. =P

1) Exploded eggs in the microwave MULTIPLE times - certain lawyer-to-be
2) Set off sparks in teh microwave by putting single serve peanut butter with the foil cover still on - yours truly
3) Rushed and run to school only to realise that there is NO LECTURE - Ms physio
4) Using an assortment of paper clips to hold up hair during exam study period. - majority members of the house
5) Spending 10 minutes trying to wear a very complex blouse that has 2 layers intertwined by the most ridiculous manner ever - yours truly
6) Melted a plastic single serve of honey in the microwave... PLASTIC AND ALL - guess which microwavce fanatic

Ok I bet there're more, but they have either coneniently slipped my mind or I'm just choosing to forget =)

Either ways, I was reading Marky mark's blog (which I have never ever known about until recently. ya I'm a lousy girlfriend). And it's just amazing how everyone changes with time. I was blog hopping on my other friends' blogs too, and it's funny how you are able to track the progress of lives over years. You should all save your blog entries, just in case one day the internet is destroyed and we never get our records back again.

Wah my writing is so rubbishly lousy. I tink I spent to muts taim stardying science, den dunno how to rite orleady.

This time 2 weeks from now, I'll be back in sweltering, sticky, crowded, cheap singapore. BARBER TEA HERE I COME!!

Oops digressed (half my post isn't even CLOSE to the title) . Hehhh. You know how when you become voyeuristic and start reading people's blogs in hope of picking up juicy bits of info?? (Don't pretend, if you're reading this blog, you probably are one of those voyeurs~) haha, anyways, I feed you juicy info okok????

I'm crazy over this awesome dood who stays 2 hours from me in a pseudo farm-school and who talks non-stop and can talk to a anyone (even a rock) and who has cute fluffy hair, and who is as skinny as a string bean but eats as much as 2 cow-horses (cow + horse combination) and never ever gets fat, who fusses about his face (sometimes), who never washes his jeans unless its a holiday but changes at least 4 T-shirts in a day, who thinks drinking 3 litres of water is a cure for any illness and thinks that he'll die from eating Indomee, who makes farnie videos and acts as zombies in some of them (uh-um), who is someone jsut bursting with a million ideas and dreams, and who so happens to be my boyfriend =)))

(Btw this is probably the first time I'm mentioning this on a public website *gasp*)

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