Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another week ends

Time is flying fast, it's flying TOO fast. I don't want my tertiary life to every end! I'm just going through a moment of nostalgia, today I decided to watch the 1998 local movie, The Teenage Textbook.

I don't know if many of you remember, we weren't really teenages when it came out, but I do recall reading the book somewhere in my secondary school life, along with the teenage workbook. It just gives that sense of nostalgia, care-free, happy-clappy kind of feel that you have whenever you look back at your life.

And then...!! I heard this song!

I was elated when I heard it because it was a song I always spent my teenage years looking for. It was a song I woke up to at 615 in the morning when my mum's radio would come on as an alarm. (Those mornings sucked because it meant going to school, but felt awesome as well because I would reach school before the sun rose). Come to think about it, I love it when the sun hasn't risen yet. You get the sense of feeling ahead of everyone, an unexplainable alertness, the air smells fresher, and the people are nicer (perhaps they're just sleepier). Many wouldn't share my sentiments of early early starts, but I do. =) I guess it's technically the same as working late late late into the night and getting that sense of calm, only at 6am, you'd probably have had enough sleep. =)

I discovered a couple more things this week:

1) Singaporeans aren't the only ones who like to complain, Aussies do to to a fair extent
2) I finally know the difference between AFL and NRL, and who the Lions and Broncos belong to respectively
3)Reading to your child is veryvery very good for them. Remember the buddy reading system? The government had it pretty spot on.
4) Drivers here are amazingly patient. I have still yet to be horned or cursed at despite my crazy driving.
5) With a scooter you feel like you can do anything... I drove on a pavement and made a dozen illegal, ridiculous, impossible U-turns ever since I got my scooter. Shhh don't tell my mum. :D

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