Thursday, August 19, 2010

I skipped class~ I skipped class~

My first lesson skipped this semester! (As opposed to the gazillion I missed last semester) And I have good reason for it!... It's raining. heh

But the sky is clearing up and I do have lessons at 10. I actually enjoy going to schools on Fridays, it's the best feeling of all because I end early, which means that the rest of my day is to myself (and generally the library), and I yet there's that satisfication coming from the 'I-learnt-something-today-from-the-teecher' feeling. So you feel like you've fulfilled your duty as a student, whilst still having a slack Friday. TGIF never meant so much =) Plus, it's normally the day MarkyMark comes back from the town in the middle-of-nowhere via horseback. (Okok, it's a BUS).

So it's a double bonus! =)

I was emailing my sister that day and she asked me how it seemed like Mark and I have a long distance relationship, which is, essentially so sometimes (Especially if either of us has exams and we don't see each other for a couple weeks at a time). But I feel that this is good 'training' in that sense. At least we have mobile phones and MSN and what not, whereas during our parents' time, they had pigeons, snail mail, the telephone with no caller ID, and telepathy.

If technically we have THAT much more times opportunity to communicate with the other in this time and century, shouldn't there be way way less divorces seeing that the couples should understand and know each other better? But of course we all know that isn't the case right? You'd probably say it isn't that our parents know each other any less than our generation knows the pther party, but perhaps it's just the lifting of taboos or the changed/thwarted views people have of marriage now.

I believe it's more like this - Our generation sucks at tolerating uncomfortable situations, compromising or just basically, sucking it up and continuing with the shit you're doing. We're all about this freedom of choice thing and tell others, why should you stay on and 'suffer'? Well, to a certain I think that's a good point... if the party was abusing you and being a complete bitch/asshole/drunk/gambler etc, but just because he's not lifting up the toilet seat? Or not helping with the dishes? I guess of course the married people are gonna scoff at me and tell me I don't know shit. And I'm not saying divorce is wrong, I personally am one of the ones who believe in freedom of not having to go through all the suffering and shit, after seeing so many mums of the earlier generation stay on in their families 'just because they have to' when it clearly is detrimental to their health.

I follow my mum's general advice to some of her clients:

If you have a tumor growing on you, cut it off straight! Or it's just going to destroy you.

Only difference I guess is, if its just a cyst, don't go cutting it off because you might cause larger problems by doing that. Or don't go cutting off your tonsils or appendix just because you think they're completely redundant (Because we've learnt from our multiple disciplinary lessons that, they are pretty handy sometimes)

Ok I need to go for class =)

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