Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm old!!

I know this is like, 3 weeks overdue, but it finally has been hitting me...



Oh gosh... it wasn't until I saw pictures fromJuliza's 21st party that I reality hit me that, whilst my friends back home (especially the ones who can afford it), are able to spend a night splurging on a nice, all dressed up night full of friends, awesome catering, full blast airconditioned, pool-dunking, alcohol drinking (or not), celebratory nights dedicated to the day they were born and all that they have become for the past 21 years, I was here having an awesome, sweet boyfriend-orchestrated bbq out in the overcasted Gyutt Park near my home. The overcast part was pretty much the scariest part of it, cos wewere so afraid that it would just rain anytime and kill the food/us/pigeons(as if we cared). But the crappiest thing was that I had shitty cramps that day, plus, as most girls would understand that annoying predicament we deal with every month or so, comes the ever so slight crankiness, tiredness, angstiness and just low-energy level because you just feel.. FEMALE for a couple of days. I think everything would have been more perfect than it already was had I not been crampy and stressed over the getting-back-to-school syndrome and having the constant worry that my scooter would entirely back up on me (Which it eventually did a couple of weeks later when I brought it to service, but that's another update), or that I had a pile of work (at least according to my dictionary) to catch up on (Yes it was ONLY the first week of school, but hey, you guys know I'm anal about stuff)

But apart from that, every weekend from then seemed to flash past, so here I am on our lovely australian public holiday (Exhibition Day), sitting at the dining table with a satiated tummy full of failed chilli chicken (as in chilli crab sauce cooked with chicken instead - not nice) and just setting aside 15 minutes to update this blog.

I think everyone who wished, celebrated, came, sent me spices from Melbourne (Even though she's in Zurich - haha), gave me oranges/lemons (They have fed me really well yutaro and bwedon)
cake (My sister and siyi orchestrated to have a ccake sent in from a local cafe which was sinfully good)and what not (you know who you guys are), deserve a HUGE

the very cute apple pie from Shiyun and Aiping (I should have seen it coming!!) haha, the girls are ever so sweet as usual!! And the pictures are damn tat glam can. Piang eh! haha,..Trying to look sweet and young so that we don't differ too much from the photos...

One of the few shots I managed to capture of liner and my sister before they flew off to Zurich for his PhD. (Yes she IS pregnant.. and due in October!)
And here's a little shot of what the Shrek castle looks like in Universal Studios Singapore. And for some people, that's how my boyfriend looks like. haha.. Thanks =)) You make my life so airy fairy sometimes I think I've become blond. hehh..

I shall update a pictorial about the other 1000 updates that have happened so far. All right, my life isn't THAT interesting. I think the most memorial event so far since I've gotten back is when my scooter broke down just 150m from the workshop when I went to service it at a God forsaken place called Moorooka (even the name sounds stupid eh?) But the people there were awesome, thanks to Jawn for recommending that place, they didn't even charge for 'towing' my bike in! =) (Plus the guy at the counter was pretty cute...) But being surrounded by all the Kawasaki/Honda/Yamahahahas/ATV/motorcross dirt bikes was a little intimidating. haha. Do you know they start training little boys for motorcross? Like, their bikes are maybe a metre in length, and I saw this little 7-8 year old getting one with his dad. Shit man, those bikes are more powerful than mine!! (I feel disgraced). But they are SO awesome. I shall blog about that soon. Writing makes me happy= ) ACtually, writing CRAP makes me happy. muhahaha.

Peace out from the land of funny names like Moorooka, Woolongabba, Yerongapilly and Indooroopilly and Gayndah!


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eeeekkk ur sister is pregnant!! hahaha now got reason she is no longer flat-chested as she always complain tt she is..hahahha