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After being internet-less for most of my time in Singapore, we finally signed up for Starhub's mobile internet and I've had internet for the past few days. Ironically, I haven't been able to do much with the internet because every tim eI switch my computer on, I find myself inundated with opportunities and my senses are in overstimulated with the bright lights and million youtube videos I coan possibly view. And soon, after 40 minutes of rapid clicking, tab opening and closing and screen switching, I find that I have actually accomplished.... Nothing.

For example, this blog has sat here, un-updated since my return from not only Switzerland, but Taiwan as well. (this post has been sitting in my draft box for a good 5 days at least... or more) heh..


Here's how our(Mark and I) week in Taiwan -Taipei/Taichung was spent. We had the pleasure of being brought around by Rex when we got to taichung, which was a HUGE help because both Mark and I are pretty hopeless at chinese and sometimes, directions.Rex who so generously brought us around and fought with mark when any opportunity to pay came!

Certain to say, Taiwan certainly does live up to it's reputation of not only being a shopping haven, but a place which will definitely add inches to your waist and fat to your arteries! Although we didn't really shop much (because most of the stuff was winter wear, which was quite ugly in my opinion), I still managed to pick up 3 pairs of $7 shoes and a pair of tights before returning (now I'm beginning to regret slightly that I didn't buy more!) But I'm glad I didn't buy stuff for the sake of buying only to discover their redundant-ness as well, which thus saved me a fortune. Xi men ding, a youthful shopping area somewhat like our Bugis in my opinion.

Xi men ding was a really fun and unique place, it's an area which is supposedly a little more modern and youthful. That was where Mark discovered the modern toilet restaurant, which is basically a restaurant that is completely toilet themed (except for the smell of course). So basically, we sat on toilet bowls and ate over bathtubs from bowls shaped like toilet bowls. It was really fun and hilarious! Food was decent, I guess you're just paying for the novelty!

The interior of the restaurant, note the bowls that everyone's eating out of!
Mark looking pretty happy with his toilet bowl.. hehh

Needless to say, we paid a visit to Taipei 101, hoping to pay $20 to go up for the view of taipei only to be disappointed when they told us that the open air viewing deck was closed.. Oh well, saved us some more money to eat with then!
Standing tall in front of the building.. it was pretty far.

This was on display at one of their museum-like places (honestly, I don't know what exactly it was la..) But this guy came up with a display that was really cute, bars of soap cut up with the dates carved into them! Each piece was about 2cm by 0.5cm, really really cute and funny@ haha..
The soap.
And more foood in taichung!!! Pork cutlet with tartar sauce and other stuff... I've never felt so fat after eating EVER! Didn't help that Mark's tummy wasn't feeling too good, so he couldn't share most of the food with me!

I must say that the highlight of the holiday for me was the hot springs which we spent about 2 hours and about $30 worth in taxi fares getting to up in the mountain. I forgot to get pictures of the spring pools themselves though!! which was a complete was because apart from the overwhelming smell of sulphur/boiled eggs, it was gorgeous and so zen. We basically paid $25 each to spend as much time as we wanted going around their 10 different pools (half of which were too hot/cold). But I got to feed my feet to the fish!!! Damn fun! Mark kept squirming though, which was pretty fun to watch, ahha..
The view of Tien Lai Resort, which was where the springs were. It's a little more atas la, which is good in a way cos you don't get smelly people, heh..

And, being in Taipei, we had to go for the international Flora Expo, which is AMAZINGLY huge. it spans across 4 MRT stations man, we only covered a small area because well... they are just flowers after all..
China girl hua hua pose.. Actually I kinda fell on my bum after squatting and just decided to stay on the floor.
A sea of red!! The flowers were really gorgeous!
Map of the entire expo, we only covered the bottom right hand corner basically I think..

Taiwan was a pretty awesome and neat place to go to, it felt pretty safe in general and I didn't have to keep watch over my back all the time unlike some other asian countries *coughchinacough*. So I definitely wouldn't mind going down for another short trip again! Plus, hotels were SO cheap and nice. hehh.

And now I'm suffering from Gaby Withdrawal symptoms!!! =((

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