Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Finally Some Photos!

I've got my lollipop and that's all that matters...

Finally Blogget has allowed me to upload at least some photos. It's been distorting not only the videos I upload from my computer, but the videos as well. I've yet to figure out if it actually is a problem with my computer or Blogger. 

Either ways, how else to start a blogpost but with such a 'shu nu' picture of Gaby right?? Look she even has such a girly pout! (I bet she was probably just eating something as usual). And about the lollipop, it's serves the purpose as some sort of a 'comfort item'. She merely just wants to hold it and gets terribly upset when there's none available for her to hold (Terribly, terribly cranky!)

So school has been horrid. Just horrid. I can't belive that I detest school so much during my last semester!! I shall keep that rant for another post. 

This one's about what ALLL Singaporeans love.....


See this is what happens when I try and upload photos.
 Here's a half shot of the chocolate tarts I made. They don't look as good as they taste unfortunately due to the lack of a camera.

So we finally decided to have a cookout on Tuesday night!! Wan Tan Mee!! Although I personally dislike wan tan mee, I find it to be one of Singapore and Malaysia's iconic dishes, although if you think about it , it's saucy noodles with soggy vegetables, 2 meat balls wrapped in dough, and roast pork.

We had THE WORKS man!!! Nw I'm just gonna post MASSIVE pictures to do the talking. =)

Ok the iphone doesn't take fantastic pictures, but it took the housemate and me enough effort to even remember to take photos. We had both fried wantans and soup wantans (that's not even grammatical). And discovered that 35 wantans was a tad too many for 4 people, hurhur.. 

Wantan soup which I'm proud to say was boiled WITHOUT any chicken stock cube or MSG! Yay me, haha
These were the highlight in my opinion. Crispy springrolls a result of excess wantan filling and insufficient skin!

So everyone kept insisting that Charsiew should be red, but in my mind, my mum's resounding advice about how 'red' charsiew is all colouring and no flavour kept rooted. Well our charsiew was DELICIOUS, hand grilled by my dear Mr Mark Lee, and remember guys, you're supposed to use the collar butt of the pig. Don't laugh people, it's an actual part, which, according to google, is a prepared from the dorsal portion of the Shoulder Square, also known as Pork Scotch! (And I know for a fact that Beef Scotch Fillets are awesome too), so that's what the collar butt is! (it's neither collar nor butt).

The house still feels of wan tan mee with all the grease on the floor, and we have about 30 more frozen wan tans in the freezer, so it's all worth it.

Anyone looking for the recipe, credits to one of my favourite websites,



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