Thursday, November 01, 2012

New Niece

So some of you might already know that my sister had her second little daughter, Ellie about 2 weeks back, and that the first one, our dear Ah Bee (as if Gaby could be any shorter), is turning two on Halloween.

It almost seems as if it were yesterday that all Gaby was was this massive bump causing my sister much distress as stretch marks started forming in 2010.
There's that lil' bugger! just 2 years ago!

And while I was sad that I couldn't be there to feel every hiccup, kick, push and shove through my sister's belly, I got to see her embracing soon-to-be motherhood through Skype and her blog (Whatever would we do without technology!)

 And whilst I was busy studying for Neuroanatomy exams (I think) or fussing about whatever frivolous detail regarding my tertiary education, out popped (one night at around 3am BNE time)

Proud dad holding and showing her off to me during her first week or so back home
She just looked so tiny and rat like! I only managed to go down during her 3rd month over Christmas '11, and even then, she was the tiniest ball of soft, mushy, screaming 'du-lan-ness'. I couldn't see any distinct features in her face yet (apart from her frowns and face cringes when she cried, which seemed rather often), and I completely couldn't imagine how she would look like!

And after two trips down to Zurich, and several skype sessions, (not as much as I had hoped, due to the hectic schedule of mothering), soon, that little rodent-looking ball of soft became....


She looked much more like a human with her scruffy, fluffy hair. And I remember that I could not, for the love of me, get enough of her baby scent! I just kept inhaling her nice baby smell every single chance I could. Seriously, if they made baby scents into a perfume, all guys would need to do would be to let girls catch a whiff, and I'd guarantee they would go weak at the knees for sure!

And after some more months of hair growing/hair cuts, our lovely little Bee is now a toddler. (She actually toddles omg!!!)
The 'triplets', it's so scary they look so alike, even their smiles!

And so, I finally got the chance to have a good look at Ellie (now affectionately called 'Ah Lee') just a few nights back when my mum and sister were free enough (And after my thesis was submitted).

My mum tells me she's a complete opposite of Ah Bee, she's a perfect little baby, sleeping and being noiseless during the day, but cranking it up real loud at night (most unfortunately). But still, she's proven to be a really 'easy baby' as said by my sister, and doesn't seem to fuss much. One of the key difficulties with Bee was that she refused to take the pacifier or bottle, hence making it difficult for my sister to leave her side as she demanded only her mum's boob for sustenance.

Thankfully, both mum and grandma have started getting Ellie acquainted with the bottle as much as possible, so that my mum can do some 'surrogating' should my sister not be around. 
Here's the new little rodent in the family! All babies look the same right. Even my mum's wearing the same shirt I reckon

And to prove that Ah Lee was a SUPER sound sleeper during the day, and that nothing could be done to keep her awake in order to make her sleep at night, my mum demonstrated with plentiful prodding, how solid a sleeper Ah Lee was. (She really poke damn hard leh)
 And look, maintaining that same position and facial expression even as she shat herself, and my sister had to change her. She looks like she's fake sleeping or totally doped on skype! But looked ohhh so soft and squishy!!
 And finally deciding to open her eyes to take a peek after my sister wet-wiped her ass a little more.

 And then....

Giving me a quick wave

Before deciding to re-enter that heavily drugged state  (good thing about having 2 girls both born in the same month in a country with 4 seasons, you can use the exact same set of clothes!)

Trust me, with 4 seasons it makes planning and baby-clothes buying SOOO much harder! You can't just buy cheap or sale clothes without first considering what season it would be at that time.

"Save me from Grandma!!!!!"

 And then grandma takes over to show me Ah Lee's facial features

Super cock-eyed photo! I think it was the glare from the computer! I felt so afraid she'd become permenantly cock-eyed cos of me!

The cross-eyed-ness!!

All right she wasn't that cross-eyed, she only looked super cross-eyed because of the reflection from the windows making her whites seem whiter. But I do see some meme potential in Ah Lee's current look, hahahhahaa....

I can't wait to see the both of them!!!


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