Thursday, February 28, 2013

Being Blessed

I must say that God truly has been kind to me. The past month flew past, literally! I hadn't realised that my 'happy meal' photo was actually a month old! It seemed like it was just last week when I prepared and microwave-cooked that meal oh-so-lovingly.

But now that I'm in my new giant Queenslander home out in the country-town-stopover-point with a population of 165, all set up and comfortably working at the desk, the memory of me living out of a suitcase, rotating between literally 7 outfits, not looking at myself in the mirror at all (I had gotten so pro at putting on my foundation without a mirror and occasionally putting on eyeliner with the ipod reflection), has faded to what seems like a distant past. To think that all that was merely 2 weeks ago!

While I tried my hardest not to whinge and whine through the 2 months of homelessness, and to be grateful for all the generosity people showed me in letting me sleep and lodge in their houses, there were a couple points in time where I just got so tired of it and just felt like giving in and renting any apartment. Patience was wearing thin and I began to wonder what exactly God was planning and wanting to do. At these moments I went in my head 'Seriously God!??'

I'm glad he showed me so much patience, and in turn, I'm glad he made me a bit more patient.

Living out here has been humbling, empowering, depressing and enlightening all at the same time. It's times like these where you get to reflect, or realise what and how you actually are.

On a slight digression, Pastor at church spoke about how our generation has to be wary of what we throw up out on the world wide web. Things we post, say, tweet, instagram etc (often enough) cannot be retrieved. But this, I definitely want to put out there for it to stay on the world wide web.

Thank you Mickey for helping me set up and settle in all through last week so caringly and lovingly. Getting the furniture and completing the jobs and errands like a 'house-husband', being my chauffeur and sending and picking me up from work each day and being just a 'whatsapp' away all time. Clearing away all the disgusting cobwebs and doing the laundry almost everyday so that I wouldn't have to during the weekend. And cleaning up that disgusting ancient washing machine and leaving it so pristine that I would actually believe it was new!

Thank you for so selflessly thinking of my welfare and well-being as you went about choosing bits of furniture for the room, and moving them around despite it probably being back breaking, and putting them together with my very girly and puny tool set and not whinging one bit about the calluses or blisters the lousy screwdriver gave you.

For not complaining about the horrible mat we slept on despite your bad back, and accepting my stubborness in taking my time to actually buy a mattress only on the last day you were here, and then for so gung-ho-ly shoving it into your car and bringing it back to the house just so that I could save $20 on delivery (knowing what a stinge I am).

For going to ALL the different asian shops and sussing them out, so that I would feel comforable going back to them after being there before with you, knowing that I would have probably hidden in my little hut for the rest of the year had we not gone to eat there first.

And most of all, for doing all that, despite knowing what our decision was and what our plan was going to be at the end of the week. Despite knowing all that, you still helped me whole heartedly, still loved me so selflessly, that I sometimes can't bear to think of it.

I think this is something you need to be credited for, and that it is something that deserves to remain on the world wide web for all to see till the computer age ends. 

(Not a very glamourous picture I know, but it's a great look of concentration you have there!)


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