Monday, October 18, 2010

A Proper Update!

So, I haven't been updating nice, pictorial posts in a while and have stuck to boring, wordy posts. (This is a sentence structure typical of an Australian's. note the 'So,' at the start of the sentence). And knowing that humans are ALL more intune to pictures and colourful stimuli, I decided I have to take action in order to maintain the few readers I have. (That of now is probably constance and my sister.) haha..

To start, I'll talk about the exciting Gatton trip last week. In case some of you don't know, Mark's studying at the Gatton campus about 80km (i.e. 1.5 hrs drive) away from me. So I only get to see him every 2 week or so. And I always like going down to Gatton because it feels like a holiday. For one, they have AWESOME food (food that's not cooked by normal people is good enough). Bread is soft and fluffy, milk is abundant, fruit are sweet and limitless (because the bloody place is surrounded by farmland) etc. Oh yes, and just to add on, Gatton is a very very small-ish town, I think 3/4 the town population is a result of the uni students. The town itself is a street of shops spanning maybe a couple hundred metres, and boasts a Audi, Reject Shop, Crazy Clarks and Bi-Lo. (they rest are small cafes and shops). And 2 macs of course. (Our Tampines alone has 3 Macdonald's right>?)

However this time, I had the unfortunate/eye-opening experience of being racist attacked on our way back from Maccers late at night. These bloody drunk bastards (sterotype depicted below), drove past us as they entered the Macs/petrol station and shouted 'f*ing asians. which I was quite non-chalent about (I mean, they only have like 10 neurons, you gotta give them some pity. But the next thing I realised was that they made a sharp U-turn back and were driving full force towards us.

I've never felt such fear and stress. I shouted to Mark to get off the road because I was so scared they would either run us over, or throw stuff at us, or barf at us or egg us or whatever. My first throught was 'run towards a pavemntor a sheltor where they can't drive up' and then I looked around... We were next to a highway, and the in front of a blardy endless field with no fence. Now THAT's going to save our asses...

Of course gungho-pissed off Mark didn't run and hide like I did, he just continued chewing his fries and walking. The bastards just swerved really really close to him and screeched their tires as they did. Blardy hell, if they had just missed I would be boyfriend-less. Assholes.

Anyways what followed was basically me explaining what I did to him and shoving fries down my throat, I haven't been so shit scared since the superman ride. I think even that wasn't as scary. But I learnt 2 things from this experience:

1) I can still think fairly logically in an emergency/time of crisis
2) I cannot think logically after that, and end up eating a lot due to post-stress-trauma. (Seriosuly, I think I ate like half his fries in 5 minutes.
3) The flight or fight response is damn powerful, and I'm damn glad mine is functioning fine.

That ends my racist encounter.
Random picture I drew to send as an MMS, The world of MMS has been the most uplifting, exciting technological advance I have made since Wireless mobile phones.

I made a monster!! It's called a Disgruntian. We used it for therapy during clinic. haha.. I just needed an excuse to do some art and craft for my self entertainment purposes.
Marky mark on his sheep prac. Just look at what the REAL australia looks like. He had to help in the shearing of 700 sheep ( probably more). Apparently sheep shearers get paid $200 a day. Do the math all you people studying at Unis around the world.... do the math and weep at your sad life.. hahahhaa


fantastic_frnds_feline said...

That sucks, I'm so sorry you had to face that aspect of's usually not that bad.
Okay who am I kidding. When I leave Brisbane and go back to my little 3000-populated town, it's much worse. Some of the people I hung out with in high school use the A word (asian's all in the tone brutha!)...and you get worse rather descriptive far no one has said anything about my nash other than the obvious but yea, non- Indian Asians take a beating in rural Australia
Lingering fear of yellow peril?
Fear of higher paying jobs being taken by skilled Asian immigrants?
Fear of communication breakdown due to Asians segregating themselves into groups OR not assimilating to some extent?

>>google the whole multiculturalism versus assimilation debate. it's quite a hot one still...I err on the side of keep your culture but take the good from the Aussie culture and mingle!...when in Rome do as in Rome minus the ridiculous phrases...cause let's face it, Asian accent + Howwzit goan mayt = epic fail

How's speech? Analysing discourses or whatever they call it-
You lucky bum!..what Asian-isms are there? for sentence starters

You know a lot of paid disability support work is $20 an hour so for an 8 hour day on Saturdays ($34 p h)'d make 200 anyway...just high stress

I have to be your biggest follower - look at the time man
Nah...was doing prac preparation and couldn't sleep so went to look for something to stimulate my brain further (Stupid Alia)....

Guess what I just discovered! Indian BMI: 18.5-22.9 = Normal; 23-25 = Overweight
Mofo!! I'm treading the bloody line! Four years back I was treading Australia's line and now I discover this....quite dissapointed. Feels like everytime you achieve something the bar is raised higher...Oh well it's just weight la! (:P) Uni bars go higher much faster I think!

tc girl and hello to your knight on a white horse, turned brown from the dust in Gatton!

fantastic_frnds_feline said...

Also, when are you becoming an aunty? have you gotten much mileage out of the 'whale and lion' thing yet (for jokes I mean)? Will never forget that drawing, it was so damn cute!
ahhhh time...good night!