Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tribute to friends and food

It's been a while since I blogged about something random (ok that may be a lie), but I figured I should post just once more before the exam period kicks in (though I suspect that I may end up bloggin more to escape the reality of having to study).

Siyi and I had a very long (I think it lasted more than 2 hours) discussion as to how fussy an eater I am by comparing what foods I don't eat and what foods she doesn't. ( I have a bad memory and could only recall about 3 items of her list). Siyi had one conclusion:

My food life/real life is damn sad.

I had 2 conclusions:

1) My food life/repertoire is damn sad
2) It would be way sadder if I hadn't had the friends I had in secondary school and JC (and a housemate who has a mom who cooks and eats everything organic and exciting).

Here's what we came up with what I don't eat (not that I strictly don't eat them, I just prefer not to). My standing rationale is that, if I don't appreciate it as much as you do, why should I take that opportunity to eat that prawn which I wouldn't enjoy? It's called the law of Maximising the Potential of the Prawn. (Ok I came up with that, but seriously, it's basically Maximising the potential of what ever that item is.).

Digression: That Maximisation of Potential law can and should apply to all things actually, whether it be food, clothes, or even people. For example, if a fat girl looks ugly in a pretty dress, it's not maximising the potential of that dress. She should just give it up to that stick thin model girl and go for a kimono blouse which would make a skinny girl look like a walking handkerchief. (and that skinny girl shouldn't deprive the fat one of wearing the kimono). So everyone wins and no one becomes an eyesore.

It can apply to people too, some couples should just break up because they're not maximising each other's potential. (I came up with an alternative theory that day and told nat that assholes and bitches should just get together and make the world a better place, because by doing so, they're saving 2 unsuspecting victims from the pains of being in a damaging relationship. ( I shall blog more about that another day).

Ok undigress and back to my topic title. (what the hell is a topic title, I'm talking rubbish)

Things I don't eat:
1) Lamb/sheep in most forms
2) Cow in australia (it just smells bad) but I do eat it when it's cooked well sometimes (e.g. steak)
3) Shell fish/craustacians
4) Duck (unless it's 'peked' or minced)
5) Capsicum (although siyi made me eat it once and it tasted ok)
6) pineapples on pizza
7) Bittergourd
8)Ladies fingers
9) Bread crust (I'm very spoilt now)
10)any form of innards
11) Noodle soup when I'm outside (I have bad chopstick control which I like to keep at home)
( I think there might be more but I can't remember)

Basically siyi started complaining that all i eat is chicken chicken and luncheon meat and processed crap. (heh heh.. it's the sodium I lovE)

BUT, I told her about the things I learnt to eat from my friends, who so kindly introduced the pleasures of such hawker food during the course of my adolesence:

1) Kuay chap (without the innards but just the taupok and egg) - shiyun in sec 3/4
2) Black sesame paste - Joan (who raved about it until I just HAD to try it) in sec 3/4
3) Brinjal with chilli - bong in JC
4) Nasi Lemak chilli - Yee in Sec 2/3
5) Mee Pok Gan with ketchup - shiyun & joan (my virgin experience with mee pok gan was sadly only in sec 4)

Ok fine it's not a very extensive list, but I KNOW there's more. At least I can proudly say I ate tutu kueh as a child. (Mark only tried it last year and scared the tutu kueh auntie while at it too). heheh..

Which concludes my not so random entry., Thank you to all the above mentioned for making my life a tastier one! =))


iCONS said...

how did you guys end up talking abt assholes and bitches? so weird... how did it even cross your mind?

Narcissist said...

HAha, cannot say the context, might offent people. But if you think about it in the general sense that if you have that kind of girl who constantly cheats on her good bf, and another guy who constantly cheats on his gf, these 2 cheaters should stop hurting their partners and just get together and hurt each other!

iCONS said...

haha.. ya they should but they would likely know they shouldn't get together and thus, both worlds will not enter such relationship. no... but i agree they should lah.. eat their medicine

Whale said...

Maximisation of Potential law -- You said it all for me. I'm a total believer of that as well. Must be because we're from the same coconut tree.

fei said...

wah i can't rmb introducing you to kway chap and mee pok leh,haha! but i don't eat the innards now :X