Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Countdown to Midway

I'm going to be halfway through my degree in 3.5 weeks time!!

Gosh that's scary. I can't imagine having to leave the sanctuary and security of having the sole purpose of studying and actually entering the workforce full time. Even though I've been working on a casual basis over the past few years, casual, non-commital work can never match up to being fully tied down and committed to a particular company, hospital, organization or what not.

I love being a casual staff. For one, you get paid a higher hourly rate (but of course don't enjoy the perks of more working hours or other CPF/Super benefits). Secondly, you're never ever obliged to come to work. And have the freedom of rejecting shifts and saying you have something on (even if you don't). Because there aren't any expectations for casual staff. You're like a fling. *gasp*

But I recently (well just over the weekend), found a casual job that I wish I could have on a more regular basis, it's helping out as an aide at an ASD early intervention centre. The kids are so lovely! (Even though they can be an armful with all the running, stimming, shouting, tempers and tantrums). But just having them respond to you or respond to you calling their name makes it all worth it. (I felt so loved by this kid who was twiddling with my colourful bracelet and shoes today) This kid wasn't as severe on the spectrum and you would barely notice the autism except for very subtle things like responses and stuff. But he has great eye contact, great intonation and he actually said hi to me! (Which is very very very rare).

Anyways, while I'm on a verbatim-y mood (I bet that term doesn't exist and someone is going to correct my horrendous engrish), my sister was supposed to give birth yesterday!! Silly Gaby is late! Wonder how long more she'll stay in my sister's belly. She's MASSIVE! The beauties of having another being inside you, haha..

HEh heh.. can't wait to try all those developmental tricks on Gaby when I see her!!
I don't know if I ever uploaded this, one of the few nail drawings I did on siyi's fingers. Penguin!! :D I really liked this one, haha... I shall offer to do nails for CNY~! Penguins or ladybugs anyone?> =)


Whale said...

I like the penguin! I want them when you get here. Bring ur gear for my first manicure in Zurich!!!!

Narcissist said...

Gaby suck all your penguins off then you know ah!! haha...