Thursday, November 04, 2010

New Babe in Town!

There's a new babe in town!! :D I never thought I would be this excited to become an aunt, and I promised to myself that I will not gush and rave over my niece to every other person I know because they probably won't be as interested as I think they are.... But I can't help it!!

Yay now I realyl can't wait to get to Zurich to see that little smushed up, wrinkly, nehneh monster! (Name given as expected, by my sister). Here's a link to follow up and look at some awesome shots of her. I think much credit needs to go to Liner's DSLR as well... Only a camera that fantastic can make post-labour, tired mothers and their wrinkly smushed up babies look so good. Hehh heh.. But she is cute la. I mean, she's so tiny!!!

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