Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cannot wait for this to end and for me to go home.... =( And fly to Zurich to see fatty fat fat neh neh monster and my mummy and my sister and liner.

And I can't wait to chill in a random kopitiam in Bedok with feifei/poingo/yee/joan

And I can't wait to be driven around by nat (hopefully not against traffic sister!)

And I can't wait to just drink $1.50 bubble tea at when I feel like it.

And I can't wait to take the extremely efficient public transport, and I'm really curious about the new annoying song they play at the MRT stations

And I miss the smell of the circle line stations

And I can't wait to buy heaps of toiletries from Venus to stock up for 2011

But I can wait for the lack of internet when I go back to singapore

And I can't wait to go to the national library again and just soak up a sofa and nuah, reading

And I can't wait to sleep on a mattress that isn't as thin as half a loaf of bread, and has the depression from my backside.

And I know that once I get back, I probably can't wait to get my arse back in brissie and back to work again after a week of doing the above following. Talk about the persistent lack of contentment.


fei said...

cui-eh eh! :D

I can't wait too!!!! you reminded me of blueberry bread near your place when you said kopitiam la,haha!

And the MRT song is annoying, quite glad tt they didn't play it as often alr,haha...

Narcissist said...

That bread shop unfortunately closed down =( Well apparently they moved elsewhere. And I'm now going to be staying at bedok!! :D No more Buona Vista MRT for you!! haha