Monday, November 22, 2010

Back and not really liking it.. yet

I typed a whole blog entry on Word and realised that I can't copy and paste. Darn. Oh wells, I'll just have an opportunity to write better then.

These few days have been pretty different, horrible in some sense but all right as well. I came home not knowing where exactly I stayed, thankfully the Bedok area is a familiar one with the church people and I managed to get back without much trouble. But my first night was horrible. Iwas so exhausted and my half deaf father was watching channel 8 as usual at full blast. I never expected that moving into a new house would have such an effect. I guess it's probably due to the fact that I didn't have anything to do in this move, even though we've moved countless amounts of times.

The post I drafted outw as really wordy and disorganised, so I shall reorganise it into simple dot points for my almost non-existant readers..

I came to realise many many things over the past 40hours of returning home:

1) As much as I though that living in a HDB would be no problem, I actually DO have a problem with it. I can't stand the fact that the old HDBs alwayhs have the piping outside of the wall and not built beneath them. It makes everything so unsightly. And I get annoyed at the fact that there's only 1 left serving so many floors.

2) I almost definitely do not want to return to singapore to live/work. Especially now when my family is halfway across the world, and they'll continue to do so for the next few years. I miss my mummy =( Once you take family away from us students who study overseas, I think it's a common consensus that that's practically taking away the primary motivation of coming back. Because the ugly truth is, friends do get lost over the years, and you make new ones back in the courntry where you study at

3) Another reason why I don't wish to return is how atrocious the society and it's people can be. Singaporeans are an inconsiderate bunch, and it's most evident on the road in my opinion. Drivers get impatient all the time. What's the rush?? As if our island isn't small enough.

4) Looking at the 70 year old cleaners in coffeeshops and all that give me a new perspective on how important welfare and retirement funds are. I tell my aussie friends that we asians tend to grow up and take care of our parents, which is why we have lower tax rates, so that the society doesn't have to support these people. But I feel that to be less and less the case. As a parent next time I can imagine myself worrying. What if my kid chooses not to take care of me =next time? That's literally a failed investment. At least the grannies in Australia have the government and CPF to fall back on.

5) However I still do like Singapore for it's many beautiful facets. For one, the pretty cars and lush, government planted greenary.

Ok I'm beginning to get tired. I shall update soon. Hopefully some pictures of the new place. Well, one thing I do appreciate is the generous amount of living space in the house. For once I'm not knocking into or over things constantly!

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