Sunday, December 05, 2010

Day 6 in Switzerland-Zurich

Hello from the land of one cute crying baby, the phlegm-y, throat-clearing language and snow! It's been snowing this whole morning, and I never thought I'd get to see the day where I'll watch snowflakes dancing in the wind as they melt on contact with anything solid (don't get jealous, it isn't as romantic and dreamy as it is in our minds girls!)The view from my mummy's room

After spending the past 6 days fussing and handling the cute lil furball Gaby, shopping a little in the city and planning menu after menu for the meals of what seems to be 5 hungry people (because my sister now eats for 2), reading 2 novels in a record time of 5 days, and just slacking my bum off, I finally decided that it's high time to update this blog with a dozen pictures! :D

Firstly, let's recall my sister before little Gaby...

At the airport before they left for Zurich, 6 months into pregnancy?

And look at the proud mummy and granny at the subway!

We've all been struggling to get Gaby used to the pacifier and bottle feeding as my sister and liner have a christmas dinner to attend (during christmas day of course). But Gaby has made it known to the whole world that she absolutely HATES having any form of plastic in her mouth. Wahh... I've never heard such an accusing cry from an infant before. It's as if we're torturing the poor little fluffball. Alas, we finally got her on the pacifier one day on the tram! I took a picture telling my sister that it's probably one of her first few important 'moments' to remember.

See the pacifier! So clever!!
And one of my attempts to make playtime less boring by trying to stimulate her intellect with a cute, fabric IKEA baby book. She actually was quite uncomfortable in this pose because it was too upright, haha..

And what's a baby without all that poop right? Thankfully, as smelly as her poop is, Gaby only poops once in a few days, but that doesn't mean she doesn't fart every few hours, releasing a deathly stink bomb every now and then. Only then will my mum patiently lie her down and try to make her ooo-ooo (aka poop).
Notice the shape of my mum's mouth, it's the distinct 'Ooo-ooooooo' coo that all singaporean grandmas use to make babies shit.

Ok enough about the baby, you'll be seeing much more of her in many posts to come. More about Zurich then! OR actually, just a couple more paragraphs because I'll soon need to cook lunch for the hungry mother and my mother.

We went out shopping that day and this particulat mall had the most interesting benches! You sit on them to make them flat. Okay that didn't come out as clearly as I wanted. Aiya, look at the picture and figure it out yourself la.
Be careful not to put a sandwich on one end or it'll just propel up when you stand up
Look what I found in the tram station's vending machine again!! It's the famous Cannibis tea I blogged about when I went to Prague! All for 2.50 Francs! My sister and I shall try it soon and I'll tell you about the effectiveness another time. hahaha..
As bundled as I could get to withstand the cold. The sun sets at 5 like in Australian winter, making it a little difficult going out late. Average temperature during the day is around 6 I think..
And just to wrap up, here's a slightly tat-glam photo of the baby as she expressed her displeasure being belted into the car seat.
But of course any tat-glamness will eb salvaged by this very very VERY cute photo of her. =) Although my sister says that it makes her look like one of those cam-whoring ah-lians on facebook/friendster.
And of course while I'm here miles away with a colicky baby, what else can I do but miss my own babe back home? HEh... anti-climatic right? I knew you wouldn't be expecting this, haha..

Ciao for now!

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