Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas with the Family

Hohoho!! Happy Boxing Day! We've spent the last couple of days at home watching christmas movie after movie simply because every single shop is closed during the christmas period. The day revolved around meals basically, and the baby of course, who looks like such a sweet angel when she sleeps. She's really really adorable when she's in a good mood, she talks to us! After spending 2 years in speech, it really isn't bull shit that babies are communicating with you when they babble. Simple things like cooing at her and waiting for her response introduces the infant to something like turn taking, and imitation (which then leads to them learning sounds and words). It's fascinating watching it doing it live and just playing with her.

But of course when her crankiness comes along, there's no amount of cooing and singing that can soothe her unless it's as nutritious as her mother's neh neh.
But look at that angel!! I love this baby swaddle suit they put her in sometimes when it's cold. She looks like a fat Nanyang girl, haha.. (no offence).

So how did we spend our white christmas?? Everyone keeps pointing that out to me how lucky I am to have a white christmas (like I said, it's really not like in the movies).. But, who can fault me for trying? haha...

It snowed the whole of Christmas Eve. I know because I was running around trying to print photos for my christmas gift to my sister and liner (which I failed miserably at because the blardy machine was kooky). And snow is way way nastier than rain. I mean, it tastes pretty great (like ice kachang), but when you're walking against the wind, snow in your eyes sting like acid man.. I think I looked quite loser walking and blinking furiously (as if my eyes aren't small enough already).
And just the day before I got a pair of pretty pink Nike shoes for only 30 Francs! They were half price, and since I use my 'school shoes' so often when term starts, my mum told me to get them. (I can't wait for post christmas sales in London!!)

So how christmas did christmas get in the house?? Here's how:

1) Christmas Tree: Check

2) Stockings by the fireplace: Check
3) Actual Fireplace: Check4) Turkey dinner (ok we had turkey breast baked rice/pasta: Check
5) Multiple dish dinner (ok it's not quite a spread, but there's only 4 of us!): Stuffed mushrooms, grilled garlic prawns and veggies.. =)

6) Being constantly stuffed with food through the day: Check
I was making mochi and liner was making sushi with the sushi ingredients I got them for christmas ( since I couldn't get the photo)
7) Pretty Breakfast! Japanese pancakes lovingly made and arranged by liner when he woke up at like... lunch time. hahaha..
And we didn't get a family photo during christmas as usual, haha.. sometimes being a camwhoring type actually is good cos it means at least you have pictures as memories. =)

So that's my christmas in Zurich! Now for the real deal.... post christmas shopping sales in London!! :D:D:D

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