Saturday, June 23, 2007


I don't understand my SAT score., it's confusing. I can't even calculate my total for that matter. And no it's not because I have too few fingers and toes. Anyways I had an angsty moment yesterday afternoon after lunch, the heat had gotten to me and I was mildly annoyed at I don't know what. For a split second, I was sure I would have kicked anything that got in my path. Hmmm, a bad day, or bad morning/afternoon I guess.


We (my mum, sis and I) discovered that my wallet was pretty ironic, Made in China, bought in America, and airmailed to Singapore where it got lost. Haha.. how silly is that!

See I told you I was confused, I can't even decide on a topic to focus on.

Ever had an sms/comment/thing that made your day? I think they're absolutely great. xw+calvin+yuting brightened my very weirdly emoted day. =) It's these little thing that pull you away from the brink of emo-ness, just as you're about to fall into that bottomless waterhole of self-pity and wallow in self-worthlessness. (I know this sounds emo, IT IS NOT OK!)

Anyways, I'm fairly happy with my SAT score, even though I'm not entirely sure what it is, but my sister said it's good, and getting praise from your sister who's Engrish is powderful is empowering in it's own way. (Don' t remind me of GP on Monday, I'm still deciding whether to come for my usual 1pm lesson)

Everything's good. Encore was a hit (to me at least), nobody died in Batam, and SATs weren't screwed. Yay!

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