Monday, June 18, 2007

Near Gone

It's been what everybody's been saying - the holidays are practically over! I wanted to talk about our Batam Build trip whereby the class and I each discovered the banglah/samsui woman/construction worker innate in all of us. Some of my class guys however managed to discover the berry-picker in them they never knew. (It's a long story) However I decided to wait for the pictures to get to me so that I'm able to upload them, so for now, I'll talk about other random things. *yawn*
Yes, that's a paperclip nicely nestled in my hair during one of my study attempts with fei and where I, after much persuasion from her, agreed to use it to clip my hair. The wind was damn annoying la. See what we students do for the sake of studying, I should start a fashion trend in AC! haha... All right, watch out AC, this is gonna be way better than the Sri Nada Barber that comes every term!

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