Friday, February 11, 2011

Living Normally

Whew, been finally living like a normal person the last week, after returning from KL for chinese new year, no more flying out of the country until I return to Brisbane. I realised I didn't finish with the whole list of things which I wanted to post about... But let's think of 8 things that annoy me:

1) Places that are awfully crowded with unpleasant people (e.g. the MRT at peak periods)
2) People who shout when they're angry, thinking that that is supposed to bring the point across better when all it does is just annoy and damage vocal cords
3) High humidity in singapore = sweaty niam niam skin. ee yer..
4) Going to a foodcourt and seeing 243 tissue packets on every empty table
5) People that 'book' library tables in school with their belongings and then go off to class close to exam periods (actually this is the number onme annoyance in my life).
6) Birds in general. especially the ones at UQ who threaten to eat your food all the time.
7) Ants that invade my food and space. (who are all for sure to die a slow, painful death via bygone or liquid paper)
8) the inconsiderate people illegally parking on the main road outside my house just so that they can go and lim kopi when there's a public HDB parking space just around the corner. Walk a bit your legs will die is it??

Oops.. I almost went on, but, thinking of things that annoy are sure to ruin your day sub-consciously, so I shall talk about 7 fears/phobias that I have, which actually, I don't really think I do because I've always grown up telling myself not to be afraid of things. Like what Mark's mum said, being afraid of things is only going to hold you back in life, which I completely agree with (but Mickey completely disagrees with).

1) Cockroaches - dead or alive
2) Dead/decomposing insects which I have to clear (e.g. one half of a beetle, or the body of a lizard after it's been pecked etc..) EWWWW
3) Losing my mummy
4) Losing my bolster
5) Losing my boyfriend
6) Being disliked by everyone, without knowing that they actualyl dislike you because they pretend to like you (sounds potentially Freuden ya?)
7) Being cornered by an ugly ghost of course.. The kind with the insanely long tongue and the rebonded black hair. I wonder if they'll make curly haired ghosts an in thing during our kids time next time??

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