Friday, April 29, 2011

The Trip of The Mudder down Underr

The holidays are officially ending in 2 days and my huge horrigible assignment is still barely half done! I shouldn't be blogging, but I need a brain breakbefore proceeding with 'critically evaluating literature regarding current intervention techniques'. Sigh, this is the first time I feel so incompetent as a 3rd year speech pathology student, I suddenly feel like I'm a Year 1 because I'm just at my wits end at what to do with this 'kid'.

On a lighter/happier/sadder note,

1) Mum was here for the week!
2) She just left this afternoon and should be landing in about 15 minutes in Changi
3) Mickey's coming back home tomorrow morning!

It felt awesome being able to reverse roles and drive my mum around for a week, cook slightly miserable meals for her and pay for meals and buy her groceries, (although I still let her do my laundry a couple of times and mostly left the dishes to her, heh heh), it made me feel like I really lived here and am ready to settle. (Which reminds me, I need to service my car and top up petrol asap)

We didn't get to do much this week because of the overhanging burden of knowing that my assignment is due in a week caused us to stay in some days in order for me to attempt work on my essay. I didn't manage to get much done even though my mum was around although ironically, most kids would work hard if mum was 'supervising' them (remember how some of them do when we're in primary school?). Initially I thought her being around would make me concientious, but I ended up being more distracted by the Sudokus she was completing and ended up doing online Sudoku to escape the bane of the essay.

So what did we do over Easter then besides Sudoku and cooking and laundry?

1) Clean kitchen: typical bored-mother syndrome was to clean the kitchen and make it look all neat and tidy when she got stuck with doing her sudoku and didn't want to exercise brain anymore.

2) Visit Mount Tambourine with family friends for a 1.5 hour drive, and 20 minute walk, and 2 hour lepak-ing/eating session after seeing the puniest waterfall ever. (I bet that waterfall is man-made for tourist purposes).
This is was also where we saw the cutest dog begging for food from his front yard as we stood next to the the house by the road eating corned beef sandwiches. The poor little thing kept whining and giving us the (literally) puppy-eyed look!
3) Skyping with Gaby and my sister!! With proper internet connection here as opposed to my mum's too-slow mobile internet connection back in Singapore, we could get good skype time with my sister and Ah Bee! She's growing sooo fast now and can sit on her own. She could even verbalise 'replies' during the skype conversation, pretty funny, haha...
4) Reading her new buy! A biography on Tony Curtis (I have no idea who), apparently a really hot actor during her time (and Marilyn Monroe's boyfriend for a bit) which she got for a steal of just $10 at a mall.

5) Which of course, brings me to the main activity which we completed through the holidays... Shopping! Actually more of what I did, my mum's past the stage of buying work clothes now that she's retired, and got rather sleepy and tired quickly between shops. At least she bought a t-shirt from Jayjays! Haha...

Pity I didn't get many pictures though, I wish I did!

Which brings me to the end of this post as I return to the horrigiblest essay.


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