Monday, August 29, 2011

Skilled Laborour

Several weeks ago on one of those lazy nights where I frist got my internet connected, I stumbled across Xiaxue's videos on, and came across a hilarious video of her baby sitting. Well, it wasn't hilarious per se, more of a mix between shock and amusement. 

You may watch the video at the following link: (I am unable to embed a video from clicknetwork

As many of you know, I'm not exactly the person with the best fashion sense, neither am I the kind who knows how to 'dress up' even if the occasion calls for it. I'm pretty much a T-shirt-and-jeans kinda girl, and have progressed steadily from super-oversized-ugly-t-shirt-and-berms to fitted-t-shirts-and-jeans-with-occasional-dresses. As plastic or superficial as it may seem, I sometimes do envy girls who are able to use 87 different substances to accentuate their features. 
Random example of pretty girly dolled up girl

It's like an art, I suppose that's why they're called make-up artists yes?
People like Kaykay and Xiaxue even make livings out of their looks (especially xiaxue with her video tutorials on how to gigantify your eyes), which is pretty awesome if you think about it, show people how to do something you like (and are good at), and get paid for it! And it's not exactly laborious either.
So when I saw videos of them babysitting (Kaykay and Paul Twohill had another experience here), I gaped for a while. I have never seen people SO awkward around kids before! Watch for yourself and see, gosh I felt bad for the poor kids!

But in this process, I discovered my skill: Diaper Changing/Kid Minding!! Actually I think I'm better with babies, they can be easily distracted and entertained with stupid things like how huge your mouth is whereas a toddler would just run around and ignore you.

So I have a skill!! YAY

But models get $50/hr and babysitters get $15/hr... Hmmm Oh well, at least I know if I have a kid I won't freak out!


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