Monday, August 22, 2011

To to to... Toowoomba!

We just got our postings for our 6 week placement in October! And I'm ecstatic to say that I've been given my first choice of completing my 6 weeks at the local hopital in Toowoomba! (Yes, there's a name funnier than Toowong). For all you non-Queenslanders/Brisbanites, Toowoomba is regional town 194km away from the city of Brisbane. Technically, it is not Brisbane. (I grappled with that fact for a while in my first year, because I thought EVERYTHING was Brisbane, yes, silly me)

I've attached a picture of the google map for the benefit of everyone so that you can get a sense of how blardy big Australia is.. Or how blardy small Singapore is.

Actually, I think this picture does an even better job. One fo the lecturers had put up a picture of a map similar to this to demonstrate the need for the development of Telerehab, which is basically the deliverying of different types of therapy via internet programmes similar to Skype. Because Australia is so vast and some the state and level of development really can differ greatly from region to region, many therapists choose to stay in Metropolitan areas such as Brisbane, Sydney and what not (I mean, who wouldn't right?) So researchers find ways to try and provide healthcare services to all the little kampungs (small small towns) out there in order to benefit as many as possible.

Toowoomba is one such kampung that has now turned into one of the bigger, more 'happening' town centres in the region. When people talk about places in Queensland, it's Brisbane, Townsville, Caines, Toowoomba etc. It's probably not massively huge, but I've heard it's pretty bustling (compared to the little swa deng  Gatton which Mark is in) I've conveniently marked Mark (haha, pun unintended) on the google maps map to show how far he is from civilisation on any given day. Poor guy only has ONE asian fried noodle stall to eat from!! (which therefore means he's now pretty chummy with the guy and can get discounts when he buys noodles and fried rice, haha.. perks of a small town).

Gosh do I digress or what? I'm just so excited, to be able to work in a (slightly) less metropolitan hospital setting, and staying in nurses quarters, which I'm clueless about. All I know is, in a month's time, I'll be of to to to to toowoombaaa!!

HEHEHE *excited mad laughter*


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Whale said...

Are you going to be staying near Toowoomba during that period? Otherwise, how long is it going to take you to get there everyday?