Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Interlaken Jan 2011

Carless for the weekend! =( But hopefully it'll be back and I'll have a 'brand new' car to drive on Monday! I promise to show my car all the lurve, care and respect it deserves! =)

Since I'm unable to upload pictures due to my lousy cranky computer, I stole photos from our weekend family trip to Interlaken (Switzerland) early this year from my sister's online account for Gaby-photos. Quality of the photos are AWESOME as they're from my brother in law's awesome DSLR, (even though I played camera man, which wasn't very awesome, ut camera made up for it). 

The trip to Interlaken required the rental of a hugehuge diesel vehicle, so that we could all sit comfortably with Gaby in her new car seat. It wasn't awesomely comfy though and did get quite squishy at some times. The drive took about 2+ hours, not something I'd recommend to someone with a baby who hates being strapped.. and for those who ge tmotion sick too.

Journey started a little later than expected as Lionel had to finish up his research paper, my sister boasts that he can complete writing a journal article in 3 weeks apparently! haha.. 
Here's our little darling still quite fairly easily entertained. She chews everything, and I was happy to let her chew on my sun glasses as long as she didn't start screaming...
Which, of course lasted maybe 15 minutes before she let her boredom get to her and she started yellin, that's her face pretty much most of the journey, =O We sang, told stories, shook stuff in front of her, all to no avail.. We still had to make a little pit stop about half an hour into the journey for her to get a feed! It's amazing how your life changes after a baby enters it hey? I always thought I was born to be a mum... until I saw my sister become a mum and then I figured.. hmmm maybe waiting isn't such a bad idea... It takes a lot to give up and sacrifice so much for your kid. You give up your figure (women), social lives, work especially, diets, freedom, fashion (or just not looking sloppy)... So many things for a baby!
Good thing Gaby needed a feed anyway, we all got to have some ice cream from the push cart! It was an expensive treat (everything in Switzerland is expensive, even the bloody trashbags are expensive), but it was nice to have something cold in the warm weather.. Plus, cheap thrill of buying ice-cream off the road! (Gaby had some too!)
Taken during another feeding stop about.. another half hour later. HAha.. This was some random pretty lake. It was really pretty though!
Finally, after 2 hours of winding bendy roads, lots of singing and story telling, (I think I heard the story of Goldilocks too many times), I learnt that I could come up with poems when a screaming/cranky/bored baby is presented to me. In that sense, Gaby's my muse! =)) the hotel we stayed at was awesome! Well, it was more like a studio/chalet styled place, but I really loved the concept and the entire surrounding area! They even had a TRAMPOLINE downstairs!
One of the many happy moments of Ah bee!! Look at the amount of teeth that little Jaws has! But they hurt like a bitch when you actually have to breast feed.. But she's sooo cute, I think it probably takes all the pain away, haha.. 
The beautiful views of the mountain tops! (Imagine the Sound of Music and them crossing the mountains to escape Nazis... cue cliche cowbell and yodel music)

However, Interlaken is a pretty touristy place. There were more Japanese and asians than Swiss in my opinion, and it was awfully crowded and hot at that time, though the weather was pretty good I suppose. unfortunately we couldn't find a place to picnic due to the lack of shade (and as typical asians, we NEED shade), so we ended up having a meal at one of the restaurants there. Pretty good food, typical expensive tourist prices. But it was all good, Gaby even got to make new friends! Look!

Tired Lionel and Gaby eating some grass.

Gaby's fascination with dogs was finally met and she got to get up close and personal with one! Haha, the dog was such a darling, he let her pat him in that typical baby-ish way. Don't they look adorable??


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