Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Toowoomba Flower Festival

I went to Toowoomba for the Carnival of Flowers (finally!) last weekend. It was a bid to check out my placement area as well, but we pretty much just hung out in the streets and main mall of Toowoomba. It really is a lovely place, with roads lined with trees (very much like Singapore), and parks and gardens close by.

Ironically, we only spent about a total of 40 minutes in the actual flower display at one of the gardens, and spent the bulk of the time walking around the mall, catching Johnny English, and eating (as usual, haha)

It took us about a 15minute walk to get from the mall to the actual flower display at the Queens Park (I think that's what it's called), and we were greeted by the sight of lucious, beautiful flower displays! It is truly refreshing to see so many colours and flowers, though there are quite a number of lovely flowering trees and bushes blooming here in Brisbane too. But knowing that someone specially planted and arranged these flower beds just seems... nicer. =)

This was already the second last day of the carnival, thus it wasn't really that happening.
Heaps of tourists too! And avid photographers of course!
 And of course, what would a weekend trip 120km away be without some touristy photography right?

I deliberately wore a floral dress to suit the occasion, ahhaha...
The Magpies are apparently really ferocious.. They had signs like these all over the cordoned off areas.
 Just look at how vibrant all the colours are! A nature photographer would've gone mad!

We bumped into a couple of Mark's friends from vet school who had actually gone around to all the different flower sites and gardens, they said that this one was actually not that fantastic. Perhaps next year we'll actually spend the day looking at flowers instead of Rowen Akinston!

After we'd had enough of the flowers we attempted to walk back to the mall where I had parked my car. Unfortunately, due to horrible road planning, we ended up in the residential area and walked pretty far to get back to the main road. I guess we were just unfamiliar (it's like getting into some bukit timah estate in Singapore I suppose).
 However I loved the quaint little houses we saw on the way back! The architecture was all pretty classic and nice.
 And a really old car we walked by! Look at where the side view mirrors are, I honestly wouldn't know how to drive this I reckon.

OF course we had to stop for tea right? The whole point of a 'holiday' is to have the excuse to eat more frequently due to the walking (though we just ate and ate and ate). And you know what there is in Toowoomba and nowhere else??


PAPA ROTI! All the way from Malaysia! 

It tasted fantastic together with the peanut butter milkshake. (If any of you are heading to Toowoomba for a weekend or something, please go there!!)


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